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New Brunswick Treasure Troves – Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise

Want to know where to find me a hot, perfect patio day in the summer?

If I’m not island hopping or at our family cottage on the shore, there’s always a good chance you might spot me enjoying fried clams with a side of lobster roll and a seafood caesar at my favorite seafood haunt.

Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise, East Coast Mermaid.

And after years of enjoying this not-so-secret hidden gem – I thought it was time I rave about it a little more on East Coast Mermaid.

Warning – this post might make you hungry!

Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise, East Coast Mermaid.

Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise may be in Cap-Pele, which is home to a number of amazing fried clam and seafood spots (catch my 2022 Top Picks for Fried Clams here) but there’s just something about this restaurant and its perfect location right next to the ocean that has led to it being my go-to on a hot summer day.

Two Words: Rooftop Patio

While you can absolutely eat indoors if you prefer, trust me when I say, you want to choose the rooftop patio if the weather is in your favour. You can’t beat the views of the ocean and sand dunes, and it’s the place to be in the summer. Plus, they will often have live music, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for the latest scoop!

Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise, East Coast Mermaid.

Now let’s talk about the food! Because let’s be honest – it’s ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!

Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise is a real paradise for seafood lovers. Their fried clams are perfection and I LOVE their lobster roll. It’s the perfect size and pairs nicely with a side of clams. You know, if you want what I like to call the mermaid special.

Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise, East Coast Mermaid. Fried Clams and Lobster Roll.

But if fried clams aren’t your jam (I promise we can still be friends) – my husband is a big fan of their fish, so we’ll often get the Aboiteau Special which allows you to pick two seafood options (ie: clams and fish or clams and scallops) with a side of fries. Again, these platters are perfect for sharing.

Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise, East Coast Mermaid. Fried Clams and Lobster Roll.

They also have a seafood bucket that I have yet to try because I’m a mermaid of habit and always go for the fried clams and lobster roll, but if you’re in the mood for chilled seafood – I would definitely recommend giving that a whirl.

Lastly – I can’t rave about this spot without mentioning their amazing Seafood Caesar. Topped with shrimp and a crab leg, this Caesar is not only Instagram perfect, it’s so tasty too and makes for a delicious appetizer while you wait for dinner. Absolutely mermaid approved!

Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise, East Coast Mermaid. Seafood Caesar.

So – who wants to meet me at Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise for some fried clams and a Seafood Caesar this summer? 😉

To learn more about Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise and to plan your visit, check them out on Facebook!

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