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My Coastal Mermaid Caesar Recipe

If there’s anything I love more than a good Caesar cocktail, it’s a Caesar with a coastal twist.

You know, the kind with a splash from the ocean?

I’ve been making Caesars at home since my university days (I was drinking much cheaper vodka back then, let’s be honest) but over the years, my Caesar ingredients game has definitely changed and I’ve introduced newer, better vodka’s to the mix.

But when I discovered DILL PICKLE VODKA—yes, you read that correctly—at Saltscapes a few years ago, made right here in Atlantic Canada, that changed my Caesar game forever.

An East Coast Mermaid Caesar next to a plate of Atlantic Canadian Oysters

If you love dill pickle anything or just appreciate a really great Caesar, I’d like you to meet Raging Crow Distillery. Located in Truro, Nova Scotia, Raging Crow Distillery Inc. is a small-batch, hand-crafted, artisanal distillery that focuses on creating national award-winning spirits sourcing local products, wherever possible. That could be honey from a local beekeeper, rye from a local farmer, coffee from a local coffee roaster, maple syrup from a local maple shack, bacon smoked by a local butcher, etc.

And they are definitely known around these waters for their Dill Pickle Vodka created in honour of their Great-Great-Grandmother who loved her dill pickles, vodka, and caesars.

With summer on the horizon, I created a new twist on my favourite drink: a Coastal Caesar featuring dulse products from the Bay of Fundy and dill pickle vodka.

Here’s what’s in it!

Coastal Mermaid Caesar

Recipe by Crystal Richard

My Coastal Mermaid Caesar Recipe featuring Raging Crow Dill Pickle Vodka


  • 1 oz of Raging Crow Dill Pickle Vodka

  • 1 spoonful (as little or as much as you’d like) of horseradish

  • A couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce.

  • 1-2 dashes of your favorite hot sauce (more if you like things spicy)

  • A sprinkle or two of sea salt (I use Bay of Fundy sea salt to keep it extra coastal)

  • A dash of pepper

  • Mott’s Clamato to fill your glass of choice

  • A generous dash of dulse flakes (we purchase ours from Slocum & Ferris in Saint John)


  • Mix your ingredients together over ice
  • Garnish your choice of cucumber wedge, celery, or be a mermaid and add a piece of toasted dulse from Grand Manan. To toast the dulse, simply add a little butter to a frying pan and toss the dulse until it’s crispy!

I realize garnishing a classic drink like a Caesar with a piece of seaweed might not be for you or your summer patio guests, so you can easily replace the dulse with celery or spicy Caesar bean.

And if you’re a fan of oysters, there’s no better pairing in my opinion than a delicious Coastal Caesar and some freshly shucked Atlantic Canadian oysters on a beautiful sunny day.

Trust the mermaid on this one 😉

Crystal Richard of East Coast Mermaid holding her Mermaid Caesar

If you’d like to recreate this drink for yourself, I’m happy to report that Raging Crow Distillery will ship you your very own bottle of Dill Pickle Vodka right to your doorstep. Learn more here.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Raging Crow Distillery for hooking this mermaid up with a fresh bottle of Dill Pickle Vodka, just in time for summer drinks and coastal adventures.

Sea you on the coast!

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