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New Brunswick Treasure Troves – Grand Manan Island e-Bikes

There are many exciting things to do on Grand Manan Island and I think we all know what my favorite island activity is – seaglass! Duh!

I could seaglass all day, every day.

But this summer, I have one new exciting activity to add to my favorites list and I can’t wait to share it with you. Because I’m absolutely obsessed.

Are you ready for my latest New Brunswick Treasure Trove?

Grand Manan Island e-Bikes, Grand Manan Island, East Coast Mermaid

If you’re visiting Grand Manan Island this summer (as you should) you’ve simply got to check out the newest small business on the island – Grand Manan Island e-Bikes!

I’d never been on an e-bike before but oh em gee – I was hooked after about 10 seconds.

Let’s start with the basics. I don’t consider myself to be very athletic and while I love driving my city bike around our neighborhood and the waterfront trail when home, I’m not going to attempt any lengthy travels by bike. And the one time we tried fat bikes in Kouchibouguac National Park, let’s just say – the struggle was real!

That said – when Grand Manan Island e-Bikes owners Kim and John invited my husband and I to try out the bikes during our visit to the island in May, I was very enthusiastic and optimistic about trying an e-bike for the first time. Little did I know – it was going to become one of my new favorite island activities this summer.

And needless to say – I want one now and we’ve since rented them AGAIN because that’s how epic they are!

Grand Manan Island e-Bikes, Grand Manan Island, East Coast Mermaid

What’s extra fun about the island e-bikes is that they can actually get you ANYWHERE on the island. From North Head (where they’re located) all the way to the Southern Head Cliffs and back – all on one battery!

We love North Head, so we opted to stick around the area and cruise the e-bikes up to Swallowtail which let me tell you was easy peasy lemon squeezy on an ebike! We also cruised down to the North Head wharf and Pettes Cove – because you know I can’t resist stopping to look for seaglass!

Grand Manan Island e-Bikes, Grand Manan Island, East Coast Mermaid

But if you’re staying at Anchorage Provincial Park, they will also have two e-bikes available for rent on location there as well! Making it super easy to cruise the island if your home on wheels is parked for the night!

Traveling light? Grand Manan Island e-Bikes has everything you need for your e-bike adventure, including helmets and a lock, should you decide to cruise somewhere and go for a hike, pop into a restaurant or check out Swallowtail Lighthouse. We opted to bring our own helmets but if you forget yours or it’s a last minute impulse decision – they’ve got you covered.

The only thing YOU have to worry about is where will you cruise to first? 😉

To book your e-bike adventure on Grand Manan, visit or give them a shout (506) 662-4336.

PS: If you’re planning your dreamy Grand Manan adventure this summer, make sure to check out my 2022 East Coast Mermaid Guide to Grand Manan, New Brunswick to help plan the perfect island vacation! And as always, reach out if you have any questions at 💌

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