East Coast Mermaid was founded on the first day of summer, June 2017, as a destination to harbour coastal tales and adventures from the East Coast. It’s a destination for anyone who ever felt like they should have been born at sea .

Crystal is a multi-passionate, award-winning entrepreneur and the President + Owner of Crystal Richard & Co., a global digital PR biz that helps brands and entrepreneurs attract a wave of raving fans and customers.

A dream chaser, she’s also the Founder of a coastal apparel line for professional beach bums, seafood lovers, mermaids and pirates called Sandy Toes Shop.

Born in Atlantic Canada on the coast of New Brunswick, Crystal is happiest with her toes in the sand, the sun on her skin, and sea salt in her hair.

She spends her summers island hopping across the East Coast and her winters living the digital nomad life in hot, salty, escapes as much as possible, all while running her companies from her current locale.

This is her adventure, one wave at a time.

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