The East Coast Mermaid Seaside Snackle Box

Have you ever heard of a Snackle Box? 👀

When a fellow mermaid and friend reached out this winter to send me a photo of one, I immediately knew that I had to create my own for summer adventures in New Brunswick.

Thank you, Salisha from East Coast Sea Gems!

So what exactly IS a Snackle Box?

Well, it’s exactly as it sounds: it’s a Tackle Box, typically reserved for fishing bait, but filled with delicious snacks. And it’s perfect for trips to the beach, boating, road trips, camping, and if you’re a mermaid like me – floating the day away on your paddle board on the sea!

Want to know how to recreate your own this summer? Shell yeah you do.

Snackle Box, East Coast Mermaid

First, you’ll need a Tackle Box. I picked up mine at Canadian Tire for $13.99 and it was the perfect size for what I wanted to create to feed two people. It also came with plenty of extra dividers so you can customize your box until your mermaid heart is content. Feeding more than 2-3 people? Simply choose a larger tackle box.

Once you bring it home, give the box and its dividers a good soak in dish soap and let it air dry. From there, you can start planning out your Snackle Box and where you want to put your snacks. You can then add and adjust the dividers as needed to make room for everything.

Snackle Box, East Coast Mermaid

Next – the SNACKS!

The awesome thing about making a Snackle Box is that the bottom of the ocean really is the limit in what you can add to it. I began by laying all of mine out on a tray so that I could clearly see what I was working with before adding to the tackle box, but you can also skip this step and just start adding as you go.

Being a seafood lover, I made sure to include smoked salmon, as well as homemade bar clam dip I had whipped up that morning. But I also added some fresh smoked sausage from the market and local cheese, in addition to all of my favorite charcuterie staples like berries, pickles and olives. And of course, some dill pickle hummus!

Be sure to also add a little treat, whether that be chocolate or candy! I opted for some delicious Made in Canada Apero cocktail flavored candies (Mojito flavored) and they were delicious!

Lastly, make sure to include crackers, chips, baguette, etc. for you to spread your dips. Vinta crackers fit perfectly in the rows but you would also add Cheezits or Goldfish crackers.

When your Snackle Box is packed and ready, you’re all set for your summer adventures!

I chose to bring mine on my paddle board, so as soon as it was ready to go, I was snacking on the ocean, but if you’re transporting your Snackle Box to the beach or planning to enjoy it later, make sure to keep it in your cooler, especially if it has any seafood/meats, dip products, or items that could melt in the summer heat like chocolate or even some candies.

Snackle Box, East Coast Mermaid

And most importantly – ENJOY! The Snackle Box is such a fun treat to make and you’re sure to impress everyone you’re with when you bring it out on the shore, while boating with friends or at the campground.

I’d love to know – what are you going to put in YOUR Snackle Box? Leave a comment below to let me know 💌

Happy Snacking!

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