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East Coast Mermaid’s Top Picks for Fried Clams From Cap-Pelé to Bouctouche

If you follow East Coast Mermaid, you know that I LOVE fried clams.

And I’m so lucky to live somewhere that we have so many options for fried clams, that the hardest part of any experience is deciding which delicious restaurant or road side takeout spot to choose when the craving for crunchy fried clams hits.

And if you want to order a fried clam platter with a side of lobster rolls. The answer is yes, always YES!

2022 Fried Clams Guide East Coast Mermaid

This summer, New Brunswick is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world and I know many of these tourists will be in search of handful off specific things: dreamy beaches, fresh lobster, and delicious fried clams.

So just in time for summer, I’ve gone ahead and updated my list of East Coast Mermaid’s favourite fried clam stops from Cap-Pelé all the way to Bouctouche.

Start drooling 😉

2022 Fried Clams Guide East Coast Mermaid - Chez Leo

When I was a little mermaid spending summers at our cottage on the coast, very few things in the summer were as exciting as a trip to Chez Leo with my parents for fried clams. Located only 10 minutes from Shediac and 20 minutes from Moncton, Chez Leo is one of the oldest and most legendary fried clam spots.

And legendary for good reason – these clams are TASTY! There is a reason New Brunswickers who live away now, visit Chez Leo FIRST when they come back home in the summer.

You can choose from a variety of dinner or snack options, all which come with a heaping pile of clams and fries. If you choose a dinner, you will also get a coleslaw and roll. Lastly, their outdoor patio has a lovely view of the Shediac Bridge and bay, and it’s a super cozy spot on a summer evening.

Catch them on Facebook here.

The legendary Ponzi’s Restaurant in Bouctouche is a CLASSIC but I feel silly to admit, it took me years to finally try their takeout beyond the delicious fresh lobsters they cook. This year, I made it a point to pop in and order my favorite coastal dish.

Fried clams with a side of lobster rolls, duh!

2022 Fried Clams Guide East Coast Mermaid - Ponzi's Restaurant Bouctouche

These clams instantly shot to the top of my list. They’re perfectly battered, light and fluffy, and you get just the right amount that you’re stuffed but not too stuffed. I shared this platter and two lobster rolls with Mama Mermaid and it was the perfect dinner following an afternoon of seaglassing along the shore.

And at $20.95 for a clam platter – you can’t go wrong! Going with a land lubber? They have a massive menu of non-seafood options to choose from.

Catch them on Facebook here.

2022 Fried Clams Guide East Coast Mermaid - Quai Aboiteau Seafood Paradise
Photo: Tia Fennelly

I don’t like to pick favorites, but I will say over the last ten years this spot has always been one of my favorite mermaid haunts for clams. The portions at Quai Aboiteau are MASSIVELY AWESOME. And really massively awesome doesn’t even begin to cover it. Not only are the portions fantastic, your dinner comes with a delicious fresh roll and a large coleslaw.

And speaking of rolls – my go-to order at Aboiteau is actually fried clams, a lobster roll, and one of their delicious seafood caesars. They also have an amazing rooftop patio with views of the wharf, the ocean, and the sand dunes. You’re going to love it!

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2022 Fried Clams Guide East Coast Mermaid - Restaurant La Sagouine

Between the clams, the perfectly golden fries, heaping coleslaw and homemade roll? Yeah, you gotta eat at Restaurant La Sagouine in Bouctouche.

They have a cozy patio right on Main Street, so you can enjoy your clams while people watching. You can also take your clams to go and grab a spot by the wharf or marina to enjoy your meal with a view of the Bay! And the restaurant offers delicious made-in-house desserts that are definitely worth trying or taking home with you if you’re too stuffed from all those clams!

Catch them on Facebook here.

2022 Fried Clams Guide East Coast Mermaid - Restaurant A La Dune, Cap Pelé

If you’re dreaming of enjoying fried clams with an ocean + beach view—THIS ONE’S FOR YOU.

Cap-Péle is known for several great fried clam spots, but if you’re looking for the perfect beach view, Restaurant à la Dune at Aboiteau Beach should be at the top of your list. Aboiteau Beach’s portion of fried clams is out of this world and you cannot beat the ocean view while you enjoy your takeout on their giant outdoor patio this summer.

It’s the perfect stop after a gorgeous summer day at the beach – trust me on this one!

Catch them on Facebook here.

2022 Fried Clams Guide East Coast Mermaid - Lenny's Takeout

Not gonna lie – it took me a few years to finally try Lenny’s Takeout but oh my goodness – once I did, they quickly became a favorite!

Lenny’s clams are perfectly fried, perfectly sized, and the fries are cooked to be golden and crunchy. And it comes with a generous portion of homemade coleslaw, which is always a bonus when slaw is made in house. If you’re in downtown Shediac, leaving the beach, or just out for a Sunday drive, Lenny’s is a must! Oh, and make sure to snap a photo with their rooster out front, just for fun!

Catch them on Facebook here.

2022 Fried Clams Guide East Coast Mermaid - La Pirate de la Mer

A local favorite in the seaside town of Bouctouche, Le Pirate de la Mer is known for its fresh seafood—a go-to place for lobster if you want to double your culinary pleasure—and of course, its AMAZING fried clams.

You can choose from a fried clam dinner or fried clams only. The dinner comes with delicious home-cut fries and coleslaw. Portion size is through-the-roof making platters great for sharing. Le Pirate de la Mer has a few scattered picnic tables to enjoy your clams outside and what it lacks in atmosphere (no ocean views here), it definitely makes up for it with its clams.

Catch them on Facebook here.

2022 Fried Clams Guide East Coast Mermaid - Chez Camille, Cap Pelé

Last but certainly not least, I could write a post about my favorite fried clams takeout spots without a special shout out to Chez Camille ❤️

In April 2022, Chez Camille Take Out experienced a tragic fire at their restaurant destroying the entire building. But – I’m happy to report that they are BACK in 2023 with a beautiful new building, gorgeous outdoor deck, and the same delicious fried clams you’ve come to love!

May I recommend ordering a side of lobster roll to go with your clams?

Catch them on Facebook here.

And now this mermaid is extra curious – what are your favorite fried clam destinations in New Brunswick? Leave a comment, send me an email, or DM me on my shell phone. You never know – your favorite spot may just be added to a future list!


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