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Sunset Bay Cruise with Shediac Bay Cruises

Sunset Bay Cruise with Shediac Bay Cruises

Want to know something totally wild? As long as I’ve lived on the East Coast, I’ve never gone on a “sunset cruise” in my own hometown (or 10 minutes away on the highway which I still consider hometown but that adds ocean to the equation).

I’ve been really fortunate to have gone on plenty of sunset cruises in other destinations such as Hawaii, Florida and Cape Cod, but not in my own area code.

Crazy right?

Which is exactly why I added it to the 2016 Summer Bucket List and happily checked it off recently.

The cruise of choice? Shediac Bay Cruises. These guys are AWESOME. It’s fun. Entertaining. Informative. And they serve one hell of a lobster dinner to remember at sea.

And while we didn’t expect to actually get a sunset on the night of our cruise, we were pleasantly surprised when the clouds lifted and the universe delivered the most stellar (and arguably best) sunset I have ever seen in Shediac Bay.

You don’t need my words. Just check out some of the photos.

Sunset :: Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 2 - Sunset Bay Cruises

D + C :: Sunset Cruise

Sunset 3 :: Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 4 - Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 5 - Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 6 - Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 7 - Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 8 - Sunset Bay Cruises

Amazing Sunset :: Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 9 - Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 10 - Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 11 - Sunset Bay Cruises

Sunset 12 - Sunset Bay Cruises

If you’re planning to visit Shediac, New Brunswick or anywhere nearby us on the East Coast this summer, adding Shediac Bay Cruises to your to do list is a MUST.

Stay salty.


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  • Anna
    July 22, 2016 at 9:37 am

    Absolutely beautiful shots!


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