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New Brunswick Treasure Troves – Seaglass Beach, Blacks Harbour

Did you know that there is a “secret” seaglass beach in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick?

Shell yeah, there is!

I say “secret” because let’s be honest – there are lesser known seaglass beaches and then there are the REAL secret beaches. And while it goes against my mermaid code of ethics to reveal the true secret beaches along our shores, this lesser known beach is a gem that is still widely talked about during the summer months by beachcombers and locals galore!

Are you ready for this New Brunswick Treasure Trove?

Seaglass Beach Blacks Harbour New Brunswick, East Coast Mermaid

If you’re planning to travel to Grand Manan Island this summer (because you totally should be) then visiting the seaglass beach in Blacks Harbour is easy peasy!

The seaglass beach at Blacks Harbour is located at the ferry terminal where lucky island hoppers catch the ferry to Grand Manan Island. Upon checking in for your ferry, which you are required to do 45 minutes before you set sail, you’ll be asked to park in a designated lane. And then you have 45 minutes until departure.

Now you could sit in your car and scroll social media or you could get out an explore the beautiful area of Blacks Harbour. And trust me, you’re going to want to go with the latter.

While most people head down to the beach and rocks where the ferry docks to explore, if you’re hoping to try your luck at the seaglass beach, you’re going to need to head to the very back of the parking lot entrance. There you will find a beautiful hidden cove, sprinkled with seaglass.

Seaglass Beach Blacks Harbour New Brunswick, East Coast Mermaid

When I say there is seaglass everywhere, I mean there is seaglass EVERYWHERE!

My husband said it best, “This is overwhelming – it’s not even fair!”

Seaglass Beach Blacks Harbour New Brunswick, East Coast Mermaid

And while you might not find perfectly tumbled and frosted pieces or the gorgeous pastels to be as plentiful, if you look hard enough, you can absolutely find some true gems. On my most recent visit, I found a deep purple insulator piece as well as a handful of perfectly tumbled pieces.

Last summer, I found an absolutely beautiful RED MERMAID TEAR! And I found it within only minutes of setting foot on the beach!

Red Seaglass, Seaglass Beach Blacks Harbour New Brunswick, East Coast Mermaid

Take this mermaid’s word for it – if you’re in the area, you definitely want to explore this magical secret cove and beach. There are treasures to be found! Just don’t miss your ferry! 😉

PS: If you’re planning your dreamy Grand Manan adventure this summer, make sure to check out my 2022 East Coast Mermaid Guide to Grand Manan, New Brunswick to help plan the perfect island vacation! And as always, reach out if you have any questions at 💌

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