Sugar, Oh, Honey Honey 🍁

Maple Sugar Camp Moncton New Brunswick

It’s the most magical time of year for sugar lovers on the East Coast – maple syrup season! I grew up going to the local maple sugar camps every  March and April. Indulging in the maple taffy poured on fresh snow, taking in a pancake breakfast with fresh maple syrup, and of course – buying bars of […]

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Putting Your Heart First: Why Self-Care Matters

putting your heart first: why self care matters

Warning: This post is about as raw / honest as it gets.  A week ago, I was having a conversation with someone I’d just met. After one minute, I knew the universe put her in my life for a reason. Kindred spirits, I like to say. So naturally, as I do with anyone I trust and feel […]

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Diners in Small Towns🍦

Mel's Tearoom Diner Sackville New Brunswick

Alright, let’s cut right to the chase here. Are you watching Riverdale on Netflix? I was never a fan of the Archie comics, but I’m beyond obsessed with the show featuring the Archie characters set in the small town of the same name. With Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and more sipping on shakes and ordering burgers […]

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Fearless Siren Series: In Pursuit Mobile Boutique

One of the goals I made for East Coast Mermaid’s blog in 2017 was more fearless sirens. Translation: More amazing, fearless girl bosses doing EPIC things at any age, both on the East Coast and around the world. So today I’m very excited to showcase a girl boss that first stole my heart with a unicorn […]

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