Tips for making the most of St. George, New Brunswick

East Coast Summer Series: St. George New Brunswick

Earlier this summer, I shared my Summer 2017 NB Destinations Bucket List and on last week’s four day vacation, I checked off quite a few items on my list that I can’t wait to share. Today, I’m super excited to show a few snapshots from my quick stop in St. George, New Brunswick.

Saint George 6

St. George is nestled between St. Stephen (and the American Border) and Saint John, New Brunswick. It’s small, but it packs a ton of East Coast charm.

It’s most known for the St. George Gorge and falls. Thanks to these beautiful views, it was named one of the five most Instagrammable places in New Brunswick.


There are two must-stop view points. The first — pictured above — is located off Brunswick Street, right before you cross the bridge to the tourist bureau. From this vantage point, you get a great view of the gorge and get to check out the neat set-up to help the fishies from meeting their demise in the falls.

Make sure to walk down to the lowest level and check out the aquarium style windows that will give you an up close look at the fish 🐟

Bird watcher? We had a great view of a number of adult and juvenile eagles from the falls lookout! Keep an eye on the trees.

Saint George 2

The second view point is from the South Street bridge where you get the money shot of the mill, the gorge, and the falls.

Saint George 3

Saint George 4

Saint George 5

Saint George 7

Our stop in St. George was short and sweet (we had a ferry to catch to Deer Island) but it was definitely worth the stop for the view!

What bucket list items are you checking off your list this summer?


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