34 Reasons 34 Was Epic

Today, I turn 35. And that’s all kinds of crazy and amazing and terrifying and magical in my mind. I’m not where I thought I’d be at 35. No, I’m somewhere even better. And that’s something to be celebrated. Sure, there are a few boxes I have yet to check off, but there is plenty […]

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How to Plan the BEST Overnight Trip to St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Want to know what one of the BEST parts about living in Atlantic Canada in the summer is?  When everyone you know seems to be talking about how the whales this year are just ALL over the Bay of Fundy – you can easily book a last minute day or overnight trip to get in […]

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New Brunswick Island Hopping: Deer Island

Deer Island

“I never want to live anywhere that I can’t island hop on ferries on the weekends.” – East Coast Mermaid One of my favorite things about living in New Brunswick is the number of magical, otherworldly islands accessible by ferries. Seriously, we are so spoiled to live here. From Grand Manan (forever one of my […]

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