2016 East Coast Mermaid Holiday Gift Guide

East Coast Canada Gift Guide

Do you have a beautiful siren in your life? What about an adventurous gypsea (one inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life by the sea)?

For some, Christmas shopping is an easy task. For others, it’s a little terrifying.

Amazon…. Help…. Me….. 

Sound familiar? If so and if you’re shopping for someone who wishes they lived in the sea, runs on good vibes, and believes in the power of the universe – I’ve got you covered this holiday season.

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So what does one buy for those magical sirens in your life? Let me share my secrets.

img_10781. Mermaid Mala | 2. Selkie Frizzante | 3. Pacifica Nail Polish | 4. Himalayan Bath Salts | 5. High Vibe Bracelet | 6. the Universe Has Your Back | 7. Flamingo Bubble Bar

1. Mermaid Mala by Tiny Devotions (Shop Here)

I was gifted a Tiny Devotions mermaid mala this past year and not a day goes by that I don’t wear it at some point during my day, if not all day. I also started putting it out on full moons to cleanse and believe me when I say, I notice an incredible change in the positive vibes and energy around me after I do. Add some positive vibes to a mermaid in your life this Christmas with one of these gorgeous necklaces – I promise she’ll love it.

Want to add something to go the extra mile? Add a Tiny Devotions Mermaid Stack to the gift!


2. Selkie Frizzante Wine by Jost Wineries

The holidays are for celebrating and what better wine for a gypsea than one with a mermaid on the bottle. The Selkie Frizzante is a sparkling wine from the folks at Jost Vineyards out of Nova-Scotia and is my favorite wine to enjoy chilled in the summer and while dreaming of the summer in the winter months.


3. Pacifica Nail Polish by Pacifica Beauty (Shop Here)

Mermaids make themselves known by wearing bright corals, pinks and aquas, so if you’re looking for some perfect stocking stuffers, may I recommend picking some fun colors from the Pacifica Beauty nail line? My colors featured in the gift guide are Blushing Bunnies and Turquoise Tiara. Shopping locally? These polishes are available at Sequoia Dieppe!


4. Relaxing Salts for the Bath 

A mermaid belongs in the sea, so it’s no surprise that mermaids at heart love spending time in the bathtub. To truly pamper the siren in your life this Christmas, I recommend ensuring some relaxing bath salts are under the tree. My favorites? Mermaid Seaweed Bath Salts by Mermaid Fare and Himalayan Bath Salts picked up at the Earth Goddess Shop in Halifax.


5. Intentional Bracelets by Sara Kelly Designs (Shop Here)

Sara Kelly Designs are my newest obsession. If buying local is one of your holiday shopping intentions this year, Sara Kelly Designs is out of Nova Scotia and she makes the most beautiful mala beads, bracelets, and affirmation cards. Pictured is a High Vibe quartz and rudraksha seeds bracelet.


6. The Universe has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein (Shop Here)

Gypseas love discovering new things, its in their blood, so gifting one Gabby Bernstein’s latest book “the Universe has Your Back”is a gift that will keep on giving. The book teaches readers how to transform their fear into faith in order to live a divinely guided life and truly teaches us how to trust that the universe really does have our back. She’ll be thanking you for months to come for this book under the tree.


7. Flamingo Bubble Bar from Lush (Shop Here)

Lastly, remember what I said about mermaids loving baths? We also love things that are pretty and pink, which is why these Flamingo Bubble Bars from Lush are a must for our Christmas stockings. And aren’t they just the funnest looking bath product ever?

BONUS: A Mermaid Tail Blanket


These comfy beauties took the internet by storm this past year and for those of us lucky enough to know an incredibly talented knitter (thank you Amanda for knitting mine) it made acquiring one easier. If you’re looking to surprise someone in your life with one of these this Christmas, check out Etsy or your local holiday craft shows! But act quick! These things don’t knit themselves over night!

Now, what are you waiting for? Grab a Starbucks holiday drink, put on some Christmas tunes and get ready to shop shop shop for your own mermaid tribe. I hope you love my picks!

Happy Shopping✨

Not on our holiday gift guide but still perfect for any mermaid or ocean lover in your life – our East Coast Mermaid holiday cards by Paper Hearts Halifax – purchase HERE. And until Christmas Day, our official East Coast Mermaid tank tops are only $24.95!  Shop HERE.


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