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Mermaid Secrets to Visiting Campobello Island, New Brunswick

Seaglass season has washed ashore and I can’t wait to get back to New Brunswick’s seaglass haven, beloved Campobello Island!

Let’s be honest. I spend about 10 months out of the year dreaming about taking long walks on the beach on Campobello and finding the most stunning pieces of seaglass. The other 2 months? I have trips booked to the island!

And oh em gee – am I ever looking forward the 2022 Campobello Island Seaglass Festival this September. Have you booked your trip to the festival yet?

I can’t wait to share my 2022 East Coast Mermaid’s Guide to Campobello Island with you this summer. Especially because I’ve heard a rumour on the shell phone that there are some exciting new additions to the island.

But until I hit publish on that – I wanted to share with you a few things that are good to know when planning your trip! Some mermaid secrets if you will!

Let’s dive in!

Some people are surprised to learn that there is NO gas station on Campobello Island and often when this happens, it’s when they are almost out of gas. Womp Womp.

Always make sure to gas up on the mainland or Deer Island to avoid finding yourself in a pinch. The island is small and a full tank of gas will be all you need to explore the island plenty. If you do find yourself running low – you can either take the ferry over to Deer Island (approximately $50 round-trip) or cross the US border into Maine, but prepared to provide your passport, vaccination paperwork and any other current requirements by the U.S. Border Agency.

To re-enter Canada, you will need to have the ArriveCAN app and appropriate documents. You can learn more here.

Either way – it can be costly or time consuming to make either trip for gas, so plan ahead and gas up before hand.

And speaking of crossing into the United States. The only way off of Campobello Island in an emergency is through the US and into Maine. While a passport isn’t necessary when traveling by ferry from the mainland of New Brunswick, it doesn’t hurt to bring your passport in case of an emergency.

If you’re planning to return to Canada through Maine (which can always be a possibility if there is an issue with weather and the ferry) be prepared to provide your passport, vaccination paperwork and any other current requirements by the U.S. Border Agency.

Again, to re-enter Canada, you will need to have the ArriveCAN app and appropriate documents.

SUMMARY: You do not require a passport to visit Campobello Island if you are taking the ferry both ways, however, if you have a passport, it never hurts to bring it along in case of emergency.

Due to its proximity to the US, it’s common for your cell phone to switch to US towers and providers, making it easy to rack up salty roaming charges. This can easily happen anywhere on the island and has happened to me every single time I’ve visited, which is why I have a daily roaming package set up with my mobility provider.

To avoid finding yourself in a pinch when you get your cell phone bill, add a daily roaming package to your plan to use your phone without a worry, keep it on airplane mode, or set up roaming alerts.

Campobello has a limited number of restaurants open during the summer months and very few options during the off-season (mid-September to May) so plan ahead! Consider a cottage with a kitchenette or visit during the summer months, so that you can make your own meals as much or as little as you’d like.

Also, be mindful of the operating hours of restaurants. Some may be closed on certain days of the week while others may only be open for breakfast and lunch. When in doubt, always check Facebook pages!

Got to pee? No sweat. Remember how I said it’s a small island? That means, you can always get to a bathroom when in a pinch. There are Public Restrooms at the Roosevelt Campobello International Park greeting center, which are my go to! But there will also be facilities in Herring Cove Provincial Park too!

To access Campobello Island, you must take two ferries. One from L’Etete to Deer Island (free) which departs every half-hour and a second from Deer Island to Campobello Island (pay both ways). Ferry rides are between 20-25 minutes and you can spot whales, seals, porpoises, and more onboard!

While the ferry to Deer Island from the mainland runs year-round, the private ferry to Campobello Island from Deer Island only runs daily during the summer months so make sure to check their Facebook Page for updated schedules if traveling after late September to mid-June.

Please note: The ferry will be down for annual maintenance for the first two weeks of June. Please refer to their Facebook Page for up-to-date information and to plan your trip.

You can also travel to Campobello Island via Maine, however this requires some extra paper work, vaccine records and a passport, so make sure to check with current requirements with the US and Canadian border agencies.

East Coast Mermaid Guide to Campobello Island, New Brunswick.

Depending on your reasonings for visiting Campobello Island (maybe it’s for seaglass, maybe it’s a day trip) here are my three MUST-DO activities when on the island.

  • Visit Head Harbour Lighthouse. Whether you make the trek out to the lighthouse at low tide or simply enjoy it from land at high tide, Head Harbour is easily my favorite spot on the island any time of day. It’s also the perfect place to spot whales, porpoises, seabirds, and the infamous AQUAMINK™️. If you’ve followed me on Instagram for awhile, you know what I’m talking about. If not, he’s a mink that can travel by and or sea and will kill you with his cuteness ❤️
  • Look for seaglass at Pollock Cove. If you’re pressed for time or simply traveling with people who get bored looking for seaglass, Pollock Cove is the place to go! You’ll find plenty in minutes.
  • Catch the sunset on Friar’s Bay. I love this part of the island, and not only because it’s where Eleanor and Theodore Roosevelt once summered but because the sunsets are epic and the beach is known for seaglass stoppers! So catch a sunset AND maybe your first stopper?

I can’t wait to hear all about your Campobello Island adventures this summer!

And see all of the seaglass gems you find – make sure to tag me!

Still have questions? Keep an eye out for my 2022 East Coast Mermaid Guide to Campobello Island or swim into my inbox with your questions: 💌

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