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Coastal Adventures: Cape Enrage, New Brunswick

East Coast Mermaid Travels to Cape Enrage

There are a million reasons why I’m proud to call Greater Moncton home, but arguably one of the best reasons is because there are SO MANY amazing destinations within an hour or two away for us to experience.

Seriously, you can wake up on a Saturday morning, grab a coffee, go to the market, have no further plans and BAM—next thing you know, you’re walking on the ocean floor and experiencing the largest tides in the world.

Which is exactly what Dan and I found ourselves doing earlier this summer when in search for an afternoon adventure on a Saturday.

Where did we end up? Cape Enrage, of course!

Planning your day trip

Cape Enrage is an otherworldly attraction that offers you premium views of the Bay of Fundy tides – which can rise as much as 53 vertical feet in a 12 hour period, you guys! – from the vantage point of its towering cliffs or rocky beach that is accessible at low tide.

It also happens to be an active light station complete with functioning lighthouse (over 140 years old) and fog horn that has been active since 1838. It should come as no surprise that I LOVE a good lighthouse.

Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid 9

Thrill seeker? Why not try the Cape Enrage Zip Line or Rappelling?

And did I mention that ALL of this is only 1hr 10min from Moncton? How can you resist this adventure when it calls?

Here are my 5 musts to plan the perfect afternoon to Cape Enrage.


Anytime you’re in the Bay of Fundy, the tides are the main attraction. Being the highest tides in the world, a billion tons of water travels 280 km (174 miles) of shoreline to the head of the bay twice daily.

Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid 3

Even having grown up with them, I’m still impressed by the change in landscape from morning to evening.

In order to REALLY get the most out of your Cape Enrage experience, I recommend trying to experience it both at high tide and low tide


One of the best parts about a road trip to Cape Enrage is the drive itself. Once you get on the Fundy Coastal Drive at Riverside Albert, there are so many places to stop and see. Read more on roadside stops in my Fundy Coastal Drive post

This year, we stopped in at the Divine Crystalline Souls shop by Mary’s Point, which is a shop dedicated to crystals and gifts located along Dixon Road. This is an absolute must if you love crystals and feel comfortable with a healthy dose of ‘woo’ in your life. We both picked up a few crystals to add to our collections.

Divine Crystals - Mary_s Point - East Coast Mermaid


I also recommend ending your day in Alma, which is just a short drive from the Fundy Coastal loop and grabbing a coffee or cold craft brew at Buddha Bear Coffee Roaster & Holy Whale Brewing Co.

Alma Wholy Whale Brewing New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid

My favourite thing to do is to grab a coffee, one of their homemade cookies and take a stroll to the Alma wharf and marvel at that magical tidal system a little bit more.

Alma - New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid


Right before you start the steep climb to the towering cliffs that are Cape Enrage, you’ll come to a beautiful crescent beach.

Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid

Here you can take in a sneak peek of the cliffs and do a little beachcombing. We came home with a few pieces of sea glass and Dan discovered how much he loves collecting rocks. We have a few containers to show for it now 😉

Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid 2Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid - Beachcombing 2Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid - BeachcombingCape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid - Seaglass


Because Dan and I were just out for an afternoon adventure, we didn’t squeeze in a meal at the Cape House Restaurant but I’ve eaten there in the past and let me tell you – IT IS SO GOOD! You will not be disappointed!

You can easily plan to have lunch when you arrive and then spend the afternoon exploring with happy, full bellies!

Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid 8


Last but certainly not least – my favourite part of visiting Cape Enrage is walking down to the beach at low tide.

Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid 7Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid 6Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid 4Cape Enrage New Brunswick - East Coast Mermaid 5

It’s truly the best way to experience just how tall the Cape Enrage cliffs are and see how they stretch for miles along the Fundy coast.

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Have you been to Cape Enrage? What is your favourite part of visiting?

Have questions about planning your day trip to this awesome destination? Send me a message on Facebook or shoot me an email! I’d love to help!


  • JenniferShelby
    July 16, 2019 at 7:56 am

    Our favorite part is Barn Marsh Island Beach, the crescent in your post. The kids love the “big cave” and the rock sculptures we find there.

    • crystalrichard
      July 16, 2019 at 8:19 am

      THANK YOU for finally confirming the name for me! I’ve wondered for years! It’s so magical there, isn’t it?!


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