2019 Intentions✨

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Oh, hello 2019.

I think I speak for everyone on the planet when I say with absolute conviction: where did 2018 go?

For me, 2018 was definitely one of my best years ever. Looking back at it, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the magic that was 2018.

The holidays, as always, flew by but this year, instead of trying to publish content on Instagram every day and share my Word of the Year on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day—I did the opposite.

I only posted on social media when in the mood and when it felt authentic. I didn’t put pressure on myself to get this post ready for the official end of the year. Instead, I relaxed. I watched a lot of Netflix (hello Tidelands!) I spent time with Dan, our families, and my friends. We even threw an NYE party.

And I spent a lot of time reflecting on the year and thinking about what I want in 2019 for myself and my companies. A process which began on my trip to Miami in early December for Create & Cultivate’s Vision Summit. There are about five notebooks and journals on the go, a handful of iPhone notes and a bunch of other quote cards, polaroids, and more that helped me get here.

Intention Setting in Miami

My word for 2018 was UNSTOPPABLE and let me just say, I lived that word to its fullest.

Being unstoppable meant being adventurous, so I travelled to a new country – Peru – and fell absolutely in love with everything about it. I booked spontaneous travel to Vegas and Miami. I island hopped across Atlantic Canada in the summer.

I said YES to so many new incredible opportunities for Sandy Toes and absolutely smashed the goals I set for sales in 2018.

I wanted to be soul-centered and have high vibe dance parties with the universe every day and I did. I lived it and breathed it in everything I did and in both companies. I fired Crystal Richard & Co. clients who weren’t a good fit or whose values weren’t aligned with mine. I introduced not one but several eco-friendly apparel lines with Sandy Toes Shop. I practiced gratitude daily: no excuses. And I found a whole new level of spirituality in the streets of Cusco and amongst the ruins of Machu Picchu.

While traveling the world, I really got to know the new me. The strong, unstoppable woman fearlessly living the life of her dreams.

But 2019? Oh, 2019 is going to be SO FUN.

And that’s my word of the year for 2019.

Word of the Year - Fun

In 2019, I want to feel those feelings associated with FUN in everything I do: personally and professionally.

Excitement. Love. Magic. Euphoria. Butterflies. Cartwheels. Adventure. 


You see, here’s the thing about being unstoppable. You experience A LOT. You take chances and risks. And in doing so, you learn a lot about what you want and what you don’t want in life.

This year, I will do more of what gets me excited and lights my soul on fire, and I’ll say no to things that don’t. This applies to clients for Crystal Richard & Co. and opportunities for Sandy Toes Shop.

I will step outside my comfort zones in even bigger ways.

Travel to new places.

Dan and I will have our most fun and best year yet together ❤️

And one more little FUN fact before I go…

Did you know that Dan’s nickname for me since we first met is C-Star? You may assume it has something to do with starfish, mermaids, and ocean-loving things, but it actually originated when I landed a client an epic media win three years ago and he called me his C-Star.

I don’t remember the client or even the media win anymore, but I do remember how that small but powerful nickname made me feel. I remember how it made me shine and continues to make me shine. I love that friends and acquaintances have adopted it too.

So, trust me, babe. C-Star is going to hella shine in 2019 ⭐️

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I’m wishing YOU the most fun, magical 2019 too. I plan on holding nothing back in sharing my secrets and rituals for happiness and fun, so if you want MORE C⭐️, follow me on any of the following destinations: Instagram, East Coast Mermaid on Facebook Crystal Richard & Co. on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

What is your word of the year? What are your intentions and rituals for 2019?


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