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5 Lobster Rolls to Try This Summer in Shediac & Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick

Did you really visit Shediac or Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick on summer vacation if you didn’t eat a lobster roll? I don’t think so.

It’s pretty much a right of passage around these waters.

I’ve been eating lobster rolls since I was a baby and as an adult, well, let’s just say I’m still highly motivated by this delicious coastal classic. In my honest opinion, you can’t really screw up a lobster roll. From the most basic hot dog bun lobster roll, to those in croissants, to the equally fabulous lobster club sandwich—if it’s got lobster and mayonnaise, everything else is just a bonus.

While I could never pick favourites, here are 5 lobster rolls approved by this mermaid that you have simply go to try if you’re in Shediac or Cap-Pelé this summer.

Euston Park, Parlee Beach

Hands down, this is the lobster roll I will eat the most each summer, so you can’t miss it! In 2020, Euston Park took over the old Parlee Beach canteen and revamped it into an outdoor dining experience with major coastal food truck vibes.

The reason I love their lobster roll so much is that it is served on a sourdough bun and features the most delicious fresh herbs, microgreens, and lemon butter. Plus, the ingredients are all local.

Sour dough lobster roll from Euston Park, Parlee Beach

But their delicious lobster roll is only one of several seafood items you will need—yes, absolutely need—to try on your visit. You can’t pass up a side of heavenly clam dip, and if you’re feeling extra wild, make sure to try their seafood poutine. (You can thank me later.)

They also serve plenty of dishes for landlubbers and are licensed, serving up delicious slush alcoholic beverages, which are a must on a hot summer day.

Did I mention it’s literally ON the beach? So you get sand dunes, beach views, and sunshine every time.

The Sandbar, Pointe du Chene Wharf

Another regular haunt for this mermaid, the Sandbar is located on the famous Pointe du Chene Wharf and is the place to enjoy a gorgeous, yet casual, dining experience right on the ocean.

The Pointe Lobster Roll on their menu is a classic. Served on a butter toasted homemade roll, their lobster roll doesn’t get crazy on the ingredients but serves up exactly what you would expect in the quintessential New Brunswick lobster roll. Mayonnaise, celery and a little bit of romaine lettuce. YUM!

Lobster roll from The Sandbar, Pointe du Chene Wharf with an ocean view behind it.

I highly recommend ordering it following an order of their famous Robby’s Shrimp or Lobster Potato Skins, which are two of my favourite appetizers on their menu.

Quai Aboiteau Wharf Restaurant, Cap-Pelé

When you’re feeling fine in the summertime, the Quai Aboiteau Wharf Restaurant is THE place to be on a hot summer day. While you can dine in or out, their rooftop patio with ocean views is where it’s at. Trust me, this mermaid would know.

Crystal Richard enjoying a lobster roll at Quai Aboiteau Wharf Restaurant, Cap-Pelé

And while their lobster roll is the classic lobster roll you have to come to expect around these waters, that doesn’t mean it’s just your average lobster roll. Delicious on its own, or take my recommendation and pair it with a side of fried clams and one of the restaurant’s irresistible seafood caesars. (Trust me on this one.)

Chez Camille, Cap-Pelé

If fried clams with a side of lobster roll are totally your jam, look no further than Chez Camille Takeout in Cap-Pelé! A classic fried clams takeout destination, Chez Camille makes an absolutely tasty lobster roll too and every so often, they do a 2 for $30 deal! Boom!

Chez Camille, Cap-Pelé

Whether you’re cruising the coast or heading to the beach for the day, a visit to Chez Camille for a lobster roll, fried clams, and one of their delicious ice creams is a must if you’re in the area.

Bistro Le Moque-Tortue, Shediac

Last but certainly not least, if you love a lobster roll, then you are definitely going to love a lobster clubhouse sandwich. And if just the sound of that makes you drool, then you need to experience the lobster clubhouse sandwich from Le Moque-Tortue in Shediac.

Lobster club at Bistro Le Moque-Tortue, Shediac

I’ve heard about the magic of Le Moque-Tortue since it first opened and yet it took me almost two years to finally make it in to experience this legendary club.

Served on three slices of white bread, it’s the combination of lobster, homemade bacon and aioli that makes this dish what dreams are made of.

So, who’s hungry?

If you can’t decide, don’t be afraid to hit me up on my shell phone 😉

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