Listen to the Whispers – Work of Heart

east coast mermaid work of heart

A month ago, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the first event put on by Work of Heart. It was called a Day for You and it was exactly that: a day about self-care, self-awareness, and kindness. I was invited to attend the event as a Brand Ambassador, but in the end, it became […]

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Introducing Mermaid Girl Boss πŸŒŠ

Hello, it’s your friendly East Coast Mermaid. I realize things have been super quiet around these waters as of late and I wanted share a quick note to explain why. Because I *totally* have a legit awesome reason.Β  As many of you already know from my Instagram posts or because you’re a part of the […]

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Sugar, Oh, Honey Honey πŸ

Maple Sugar Camp Moncton New Brunswick

It’s the most magical time of year for sugar lovers on the East Coast – maple syrup season! I grew up going to the local maple sugar campsΒ every Β March and April. Indulging in the maple taffy poured onΒ fresh snow, taking in a pancake breakfast with fresh maple syrup, and of course – buying bars of […]

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Putting Your Heart First: Why Self-Care Matters

putting your heart first: why self care matters

Warning: This post is about as raw / honest as it gets.Β  A week ago, I was having a conversation with someone I’d just met. After oneΒ minute, I knew the universe put her in my life for a reason. Kindred spirits, I like to say. So naturally, as I doΒ with anyone I trust and feel […]

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