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Experiencing the Magic of Oceanstone Resort with East Coast Mermaid

Experiencing the Magic of Oceanstone Resort with East Coast Mermaid


This post is part of a blog hop with a number of other lovely East Coast bloggers, pictured above! Make sure to check out their posts too at the end of this post! 

Every once and awhile, an opportunity will come along that requires a bit of a leap. For me, the theme of 2017 it seems has been taking leaps. When I was invited by the amazing Atlantic Canadian bloggers who make up the East Coast Moms Media Influencers group to attend their #ECMWorkshop on June 1st at Oceanstone Resort in Peggy’s Cove, a million thoughts ran through my head.

First came the moment of self-doubt, stemming mostly from the fact that these ladies KNOW THEIR STUFF. From sponsored posts to brand partnerships – these ladies are la crème de la crème of bloggers on the East Coast.

Am I even cool enough to get to go to this? Was I invited by accident? What will I bring to the beautiful ready to be Instagramed table? 

Then, of course, girl boss panic kicked in.

Will my clients be upset if I’m on the road AGAIN? What about that press release that needs to get out that day? And what about that client call?

And lastly, I had to ask myself – do I really want to drive three hours there, three hours back in one day?

As you can see, the opportunity was up against a lot. Until the fearless siren in me said – of course you’re good enough, your clients will be fine, and you’re 33, not 95. Of course you can drive 6 hours in one day! 

Looking back, I can’t believe I nearly passed on this opportunity, because since that day, I’ve never felt stronger and more confident as a blogger. Not to mention, a few really cool opportunities have come my way thanks to that new found confidence. And of course, I got to meet some of the smartest, kindest, loveliest bloggers on the East Coast.

Oh and I got to check out the GORGEOUS Oceanstone Resort in the process, who certainly rolled out the red carpet for us ladies and made sure everything was Instagram ready!






Upon arriving and meeting the fellow bloggers, the Oceanstone team took us on a tour of the property – which by the way, is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! 

We kicked things off at the on-site restaurant, Rhubarb. Also home to the famous Lure Sea Salt chocolates!





After Rhubarb, we had a tour of some of the beautiful cottages on the resort. Believe me when I say, I wanted to move into each and every one of them. They’re stunning and so cute!








One of my favorite things about the resort is that each cottage has its own little sign with its name on it. It just gave it that perfect added rustic touch!




My absolute favorite cottage was by far the Captain’s House. Not only was it super spacious and again, something I’d move in to forever, it was right on the ocean and I’m told you can hear the waves crashing on the beach at night. Yes please!




As you can see, things were a bit foggy when we arrived in the morning, but we no sooner had lunch and the fog lifted, the sun broke through and I think I fell even more in love with Oceanstone.




Lunch was delicious. We even got our own chef to show us how to make the most delicious chick pea salad – with a little help from @shortpresents + @loveandsundays!






Naturally, as it goes with a group of bloggers. We all had to extensively photograph our food before eating it! I’m not going to lie. It felt good to be amongst my people.


Seriously. I can’t say enough about how amazing this day truly was. From the amazing food, to the perfect East Coast setting, to chatting about blogging with others who just get it. It made me incredibly thankful to be included in this tribe of talented bloggers, representing our coast on the map!


I absolutely cannot wait for the next event! And I can tell you with 100% certainty, another visit to Oceanstone will definitely happen this summer!

I mean, how cute is this little gift bag they sent us home with?


A huge thank you to the amazing team at Oceanstone for the warm East Coast hospitality. To my fellow bloggers, every single one of you is amazing and I’m so lucky to have met each one of you!

Now – don’t forget to go check out everyone’s posts below! It IS Friday after all – work can wait! 


  • B
    June 23, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Wow, looks SO beautiful there! Looking forward to the cool opportunities that arise from this great event!

  • R.H. Downs
    June 23, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    I am so glad you made the 3 hour drive there and back. It was great meeting you. I look forward to our next meeting. And yes, Oceanstone really is magical. The perfect place for a mermaid.

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