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37 Reasons Why 37 Was the Best One of All

It’s time to celebrate another spin around the sun and this year on East Coast Mermaid, I’m looking back and celebrating a year that was arguably the best one of all.

If you’re new around these waters, each year, I celebrate my birthday with a post reflecting on all of the reasons why my most recent year was memorable. Last year, I shared 36 Reasons Why 36 Wasn’t the End of the World which felt extra appropriate for year one of living in a global pandemic.

And you would think, given my 37th year was still lathered in hand sanitizer, that it might have been more of the same.

We didn’t leave the country, in fact, we left the province ONCE for the first time since 2019. I didn’t set foot on an airplane for another year, something I miss terribly. And there were definitely no palm trees. All things I took for granted in my first 35 years on the planet.

And yet – 37 was easily, hands down, the best year of life for many reasons but most notably, because I finally got to marry my best friend in the most dreamy seaside wedding imaginable.

Here are 37 reasons why 37 was the best one of all!

1. Turned 37 in a lockdown. You would think that sounds awful, but it was special in its own weird kind of way. Our parents and friends showed up to drop off cakes, presents, and surprises, and the weather was surprisingly mild for January so I was able to see them outside in our garage!

2. We spent Valentine’s Day together walking the beach (we’ve never gone this early in the year) and we even found my first piece of seaglass of 2022 – IN THE WINTER!

3. If there was a theme for 37 it was WEDDING! Early in the year, the girls and I said YES to the bridesmaid dress!

4. We went skiing for my second time – loved it, even more, the second time! And I can’t wait to go again this year!

5. In what was an emotional day for all of us, I took my Dad to get his vaccine. Thank you science!

6. I had my first solo business retreat in April to St. Andrews by the Sea. I booked two nights at my home away from home, the Algonquin Resort, and I got a ton of planning and content written ahead of the summer. Will absolutely be doing this again this year!

7. More emotions! Mama Mermaid got vaccinated! Again, thank you science!

8. This year, we celebrated Mother’s Day with a twist and doing what this mother-daughter duo love to do – seaglassing! We island hopped from St. Andrews to Campobello Island for a few hours to get an impressive haul of frosted beauties!


9. Dan and I got vaccinated! And yes – science you rock!

10. In May, we planned an early in the season escape to our happy place – Grand Manan! It was the earliest in the year I’ve ever visited and it was kind of magical to be on the island before the tourist season.

11. On that trip, within 20 minutes of getting off the ferry, I found the perfect little piece of red seaglass in the shape of a heart.

12. This year, we got to spend a day exploring Kouchibouguac on behalf of Tourism NB.

13. EAST COAST MERMAID TURNED 5! Sometimes I still can’t believe it!

14. One of my goals for 2021 was to spoil my besties for a weekend with a getaway and we did exactly that! We had the most fabulous weekend in St. Andrews by the Sea wedding planning, lounging by the pool, going on ghost tours, and shopping!

15. After waiting 37 years – I had the dreamiest bachelorette with all of my girls. Memories to last forever.

16. I was featured in Jillian Harris’ Insta stories – TWICE!

17. New favorite restaurant alert! We fell in LOVE with Atelier Tony just down the street from where we live and we’re looking forward to many more incredible meals there this year!

18. Speaking of memorable meals, we ate dinner in a sea cave, on the ocean floor at low tide with the Kilted Chef and our friends at Red Rock Adventure. You can read about this magical experience here.

19. I checked another goal off my list – I was Interviewed by Vicki Hogarth on Charlotte County TV. Total dream come true.

20. Mama Mermaid and I went to Ballet on the Ocean. It was so dreamy.

21. Let the wedding week begin! Dan and I had an incredible evening out at the Rossmount Inn the night before all of our wedding guests arrived in St. Andrews for the wedding. It was perfect and that sunset was out of this world.

22. We fulfilled a dreamy vision I had of having our first look on tidal island, Minister’s Island by the historic bathhouse that Frank Sinatra himself once partied in! These wedding photos are some of my favorites and I’m so glad we had the perfect weather day to make this happen.

23. WE GOT MARRIED! And it was perfect in absolutely every sense of the word. A total dream.

24. I had the Father-Daughter dance to “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra with my Dad that I’d been planning since 2004 after watching Katie Holmes and Michael Keaton dance to this same song in First Daughter.

25. Dan and I had an absolutely EPIC day on the Bay of Fundy with Red Rock Adventure sea kayaking to secret islands, playing with whales, watching out for sharks, and more!

26. After hearing about it for years, I finally found the hidden “seaglass beach” in Blacks Harbour. And I found a piece of red within minutes. 37 was definitely the year of reds!

27. I had the most magical end of the summer escape to Grand Manan with my HUSBAND! Can’t get enough of that word.

28. I went on an EPIC whale watching adventure with the Lambert Family.

29. Thanks to the tail end of a hurricane, we extended our stay on Grand Manan and loved every minute of it.

30. I returned to our third annual Campobello Island Seaglass Festival with Mama Mermaid! We had a swell of a time, as always!

31. I had an absolutely perfect trip to PEI in September with hubby. It was our first time leaving the province since 2019 and it felt so good to escape for one night.

32. On said trip, I FINALLY got to try a Richard’s lobster roll – it was amazing as I dreamed it would be.

33. I went old school for Halloween this year with a throwback to the original Scream movie! We also had over 70 kids come to our house that I had spent weeks decorating for one scary night!

34. I worked on an absolute dream project – the NB Holiday Food & Drink Guide.

35. I finally got to see the Saint John City Market decorated for Christmas. It was SO pretty!

36. Hubby and I experienced the magic of Christmas season in St. Andrews by the Sea. It was the perfect weekend and might need to become a new annual tradition!

37. I had a cozy Christmas with my husband and family. And it was perfect.

Let’s just say that 38 – you’ve got some big flip flops to fill! ❤️


  • B
    January 21, 2022 at 12:24 pm

    Great post Crys <3 Always fun to relive your year and see all your fun adventures!

    • Crystal
      January 21, 2022 at 12:28 pm

      Thank you 💗 I’m so happy you were a part of so many of the epic memories from this year, including our big day!


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