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Tips for exploring the best of the Bouctouche Dune, New Brunswick

Tips for exploring the best of the Bouctouche Dune, New Brunswick

Ok, ok so I know you’re all waiting for more photos + adventures from Grand Manan and more importantly – PUFFINS! I swear, those posts are coming soon, I just have thousands of pics to sort through and life has been crazy busy (in the very best ways.) But because I don’t want the blog to be quiet this week, I thought I’d share some snapshots from a local favorite of mine – the Bouctouche Dune.

Bouctouche DunesBouctouche Dunes 2_

Located about 45 minutes from Moncton, the Bouctouche dune offers an AMAZING salt water beach, an interpretive center, a gorgeous boardwalk and the best part – it’s totally FREE.

Bouctouche Dunes 3

Bouctouche Dunes 4

Bouctouche Dunes 5

Walking the beach is one of my favorite reasons to go to the Dune. The water is a bit cooler as you’re swimming in the unsheltered Northumberland Strait, but don’t let that stop you from jumping in on a hot day. With limited swimmable water options this summer, the Dune is a safe, mermaid approved swimming spot.

Bouctouche Dunes 6

Bouctouche Dunes 7

Bouctouche Dunes 8

On the hunt for beach glass? I’ve found some of my best pieces on this beach – including the incredibly rare red sea glass! It’s also home to beautiful pieces of driftwood that make great photo ops, just sayin.

Bouctouche Dunes 12

Bouctouche Dunes 13

Bouctouche Dunes 14

Whether you’re looking for the perfect destination for a family outing, a beach trip with friends or your favorite human, or you just need a place to go, relax, and unwind – the Bouctouche Dune will do the trick.

Bouctouche Dunes 10

Bouctouche Dunes 9

Bouctouche Dunes 11

Bouctouche Dunes 16

It was the perfect day and perfect spot for an outing with Dan, Mom & Dad.

Have you visited the Bouctouche Dune? What is your favorite part about visiting?  ☀️

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