East Coast Mermaid’s Guide to Campobello Island

I’ve been island hopping in New Brunswick since high school, but it wasn’t until last year that I discovered the magic that is Campobello Island. Read more about that visit hereThis summer, I returned with my Mom + Dad for a little Richard family getaway and somehow – it got even more magical.

Campobello Island is nestled in Southern New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy along the coast of Maine. Normally, it’s accessible via a ferry between Deer Island and Campobello Island, but this summer, the ferry isn’t operational, so a trip through the USA via Lubec, Maine is required.

You will need a passport, but Campobello Island is still only about 3hrs 30 minutes from Moncton and totally worth it. From Lubec, it’s only a quick drive over a short bridge and you’re back in the country and on the most beautiful island.

East Quoddy Lighthouse

Once on the island, there are SO many beautiful things to see and do, but here are just a few of my favorites!


Pollock Cove Sea Glass Campobello

No trip to Campobello Island is complete with one (or more, if you’re me) stops at Pollock Cove to walk the beach and collect sea glass. While you’re there, I highly recommend checking out the new Pier Restaurant where I had the most delicious shrimp! They have a fantastic patio right on the ocean and the whales swim right by.


Roosevelt House

Using a photo from last year, as it was raining sharknados when we were there this time! 

Rosevelt House - Campobello Island

You don’t have to be American to be impressed by the late U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt’s summer home on Campobello Island. Plan your visit hereIt’s absolutely beautiful and exploring the grounds is definitely recommended – did I mention it’s free? We did the guided tour of the house this time and it was super interesting and fun.

Lunch at the brand new Café at Prince Cottage on their covered back deck is a must – even in the rain! I can’t express enough how delicious the salad bowls are and make sure to treat yourself to a freshly baked pastry!

Rosevelt House - Prince Cafe - Campobello Island


East Quoddy Lighthouse Low Tide 2

One of the COOLEST must-do attractions on Campobello Island is walking out to Head Harbor Lighthouse at low tide.

Head Harbor Lighthouse is the second-oldest lighthouse in New Brunswick and ONLY accessible at low tide – check tide charts before visiting or chat with some of the super friendly staff on-site when the lighthouse is reachable. 

East Quoddy Lighthouse 4

East Quoddy Lighthouse Low Tide

The steep ladders and stairs aren’t for everyone and in my opinion, it’s the third ladder/stairs right before you get down to the final stretch to the lighthouse that is the worst if you’re uncomfortable with ladders or heights. Dogs are not allowed so your pups will need to sit this one out.

Just go at your own pace, be safe, keep an eye on the tides, and have FUN!

Oh and keep an eye out for whales. They’re plentiful around Head Harbor Island.

East Quoddy Lighthouse 3

East Quoddy Lighthouse 2

East Quoddy Lighthouse copy


Did someone say adventure?

The Roosevelt Campobello International Park is full of beautiful scenic drives, views, and hikes, but if you drive until the very end, you’ll be treated to stunning cliffs, plenty of sea life action, and a great long distance view of West Quoddy Lighthouse in Maine.

Just don’t attempt to visit Liberty Point in the fog. It took us three tries to experience it with blue skies, instead of heavy, heavy fog and zero visibility!


Boat Graveyard 2 Campobello Island

You can’t miss this roadside stop. With old boats scattered in this little cove, it’s an Instagramer’s dream.  Trust me. It’s worth pulling over.

Boat Graveyard Campobello Island


Campobello Wharfs

Heading out to sea during your visit to Campobello Island is a definite must, especially in the summer months when there are so many whales to see. You will have a whale of a time, I promise.

We were incredibly lucky to be invited out by islanders Stephanie and her father Captain Steven for a private evening cruise and oh my gosh! What a sunset cruise! From plenty of eagles, porpoises, seals and a beautiful whale to a stray puffin bobbing in the surf and what I’m maintaining was the dorsal fin of the great white shark that has been hanging out between Campobello and Deer Island – it was amazing!

Campobello Wharfs 2

Boat Ride Campobello Island 2

Boat Ride Campobello Island

Boat Ride Campobello Island 3

Boat Ride Campobello Island 5

Boat Ride Campobello Island 4

Boat Ride Campobello Island 6

There are a number of boat tours to pick from on the island, so make sure not to skip a whale tour or sunset cruise on your visit to the island!


Head Harbour Sunset 2

As much as I recommend walking out to Head Harbor Lighthouse at low-tide, I equally recommend checking it out at high tide and at sunset. Can you spot the ladder now submerged at high tide in the photo?

It’s a great spot for seeing whales too, so you can enjoy the sunset and some entertainment.

Head Harbour Sunset 3

Head Harbour at Sunset

So – when are you planning your trip to Campobello Island?

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While this post was not sponsored in any way, I want to take a moment to send a massive thank you to EVERY Campobello resident who made our stay so special, with extra special shoutouts to Stephanie from Island Girl Images & Sea Glass Art and her father for showing us the most amazing time at sea and for the gift bag of goodies; Kim at Campobello Island Tourism Association for the gift bag with lovely gifts dropped off at our motel; and the Herring Cove Restaurant for the gift certificate we used for a delicious breakfast!

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  • Estelle Giroux
    April 14, 2023 at 3:18 am

    What area of the island can you spot puffins?

    • Crystal
      April 14, 2023 at 7:59 am

      Hi Estelle! Unfortunately, the chances of seeing puffins on Campobello are quite rare. There is one tour that will take you to see the puffins on Machias Island during the month of July, but it leaves off Grand Manan Island! It’s called Sea Watch Tours. There’s always the chance if you’re out on the water in a boat that you may see a puffin but no guarantees!


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