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East Coast Mermaid Adventures in St. Martins

East Coast Mermaid in St Martin's Cave

Ask me anything about the Fundy Trail Parkway and I go from calm and collected to giddy, grinning, and probably bouncing on the spot. I absolutely LOVE it and I think it’s one of New Brunswick’s most epic coastal drives and a total hidden gem.

So when New Brunswick Tourism invited us to spend the day with them and other New Brunswick bloggers and influencers playing in the Bay of Fundy – well, I was giddy, grinning, and bouncing around the apartment.

St. Martins Sea Kayaking Sea Caves

If you’ve never been to St. Martin’s, New Brunswick, please start by adding it to your summer bucket list. Need inspiration, check out mine hereJust a beautiful 1.5 hour drive from Moncton, you could easily spend a day or more exploring St. Martins and the stunning Fundy Trail Parkway – a 30km stretch of some of the most scenic views in the province.

St. Martins New Brunswick Sea Caves

Our day began with an AWESOME sea kayaking adventure along the coast and into the famous St. Martins sea caves with the team at Red Rock Adventure. I’ve now concluded that if D and I can handle a double kayak in the Bay of Fundy together, we’re set for life.

St. Martins Sea Kayaking

St. Martins Sea Kayaking 2

St. Martins Sea Kayaking Dan and Crystal

St. Martins Sea Kayaking Sea Caves 2

St. Martins Sea Kayaking Sea Caves 3

St. Martins Sea Kayaking Sea Caves 4

As part of Red Rock’s kayaking adventure, you pull into a beautiful cove to take a break and have a snack. The moment I heard someone say there was smoked salmon, I was in absolutely Bay of Fundy heaven. It was some of the best-smoked salmon that I’ve ever had.

St. Martins Sea Kayaking Sea Caves 5

St. Martins Sea Kayaking Sea Caves 6

St. Martins Sea Kayaking Sea Caves Smoked Salmon

St. Martins Sea Kayaking Sea Caves 7

When it was back to land, we were sad our adventure on the open sea had ended, but we were both excited to be reunited with the stunning Fundy Trail Parkway that we first visited two summers ago. Check out that post here

St. Martins Wharf

St. Martins Sea Caves

No, you’re not going crazy. The tide DID drop that much in just the few hours since we first arrived in St. Martins.

Fun Fact: Twice a day, the Bay of Fundy fills and empties a billion tonnes of water during just ONE tide cycle. That’s more than the flow of all of the world’s freshwater rivers combined.

After a delicious lunch at the Caves Restaurant (their lobster roll is DELICIOUS), we headed towards the Fundy Trail Parkway. As it was later in the day, our visit was a little shorter than usual but we did check out some great lookouts AND we got to see the  Walton Glen Gorge lookout that is NEW to the Parkway this summer.

Walton Glen Gorge 2 - Fundy Trail Parkway

This lookout is NOT to be missed, so make sure you drive to the very end of the parkway (30kms in) to get access to it. From there, it’s only a 1000 metre walk in the woods to get to these glorious views.

Which is a heck of a lot easier than the hike I did last summer to see this view AND the famous Eye of the Needle. More on that here

Fundy Trail Parkway

Crystal - Fundy Trail Parkway

Fundy Trail Parkway - Views

Seriously. If the Fundy Trail Parkway is part of your summer adventure plans, you have to add it! It’s a fantastic adventure for the entire family and nearly all beautiful lookouts are accessible to anyone, no matter their age, level of fitness or abilities.

AND they’re celebrating their GRAND OPENING this Sunday, June 24th! Entrance is FREE and there will be guided theme walks, and family activities such as kayaking, food trucks and live music all day. More details here.

So – when are YOU visiting the Fundy Trail? ⚓

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Disclaimer: We were kindly invited by Tourism New Brunswick to experience this incredible day, however, all views and opinions are my own. 

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