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Paper Peonies, Champagne & Book Launches

East Coast mermaid on Paper Flowers Book Launch

Hands down, one of the coolest perks to being a blogger and Instagramer is the insanely creative + awesome people you get to meet along the way. And it’s funny, because we become so accustomed to commenting on their photos, liking each post, engaging with their Insta stories that sometimes when we see them in public — in the real world — we become these awkward, nervous, fangirls too afraid to say “Hey – I know you from Instagram!”

Seriously. This happens to me at least once a week.

So when the lovely Chantal Larocque, Founder & Designer behind Paper & Peony, held her book launch last month – it was a real life party of excitement, fangirling and hugs with so many creatives from around the city while celebrating a massively huge milestone for Chantal – HER BOOK LAUNCH!

Paper & Peony Launch 3

I first stumbled upon Chantal on Instagram and like many of the stories of how I met my favorite Instagramers go, I’m not quite sure how I found her – I’m only incredibly thankful I did. We first started chatting over email a year ago, when she first told me about her book project and have stayed in touch and supported each others projects ever since.

Because that’s what Instagram girl gangs do.

Paper & Peony Launch 9

And now, here we are and her first book Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers is now available for sale online and at our local Chapters. Of course, I couldn’t miss her official launch party held at one of my favorite shops in Dieppe – Carte Blanche.


Here are a handful of my favorite photos from the event – including my date, Renée, who just so happens to be my co-author! Oh, did I mention we have a book coming out in 2018? Oops! 

Paper & Peony Launch 5

Paper & Peony Launch 1

Paper & Peony Launch 2

Paper & Peony Launch 7

Paper & Peony Launch 6

Paper & Peony Launch 10

Paper & Peony Launch 8


Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers has over 50 easy paper blooms and arrangements that you can make at home with basic materials you can get from your local Michaels. The best part? Many of the tools you need can easily be household items like sushi sticks, mouse pads, and the ends of paint brushes or pens. Want to get extra creative when displaying your final bouquet? Hit up thrift shops or yard sales to get unique vases or containers.

I absolutely cannot wait to make some paper flowers on a snowy day this winter and I definitely want to get creative for our next dinner party or celebration. And of course, as the succulent obsessed human I am – I’m super excited to try my hand at making my own paper succulent!

Paper & Peony Launch 12

Paper & Peony Launch 15

Paper & Peony Launch 13

Paper & Peony Launch 14

Congratulations again Chantal. I can’t wait to watch your success bloom even bigger with the release of this book. You deserve every blossom 💜

To follow all things paper flowers, you can find Chantal on Facebook + Instagram. You can order her book, Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers, from a vendor of your choice here.

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