Exploring Saint John, New Brunswick

While I like to think I’m well acquainted with all big cities on oceans here on the East Coast; Saint John, New Brunswick was always one I never quite bonded with. I had plenty of chances, in fact, I almost went to university there. True story.  Thankfully, all that changed in 2017 when numerous opportunities to visit Saint John popped up.

And I discovered the magic that is Saint John in the summer.

As some of you may know, I love Matt Mays, so when I heard he was playing Area 506 on the long weekend in August, I was immediately booking festival passes and a hotel room for D and I to go up for the night. And while we went for the concert, it was actually pretty nice to relax in the city, explore, and hit up two more of my 2017 NB Summer Bucket List destinations: reversing falls and Irving Nature Park.

Here’s a look at how we spent 24 hours in the city.

Area 506 1

Area 506 2




Day two of Area 506 was AWESOME. Not only did we get to see Matt Mays (and get so close to the stage, thank you D) – we got to see Tampa, Les Hay Babies, the Bahamas, Grand Theft Bus, and the Strumbellas too. All of which put on great shows.

And to end the night? A spectacular fireworks display on the waterfront.

My kind of concert.

Area 506 3

One of the super fun parts about Area 506 was that many of the restaurants in the downtown area had Area 506 Hangover Brunches, with specials just for 506-goers. While I was anything but hungover, a caesar on the waterfront was the perfect way to celebrate New Brunswick Day and toast an amazing show.


After a delicious lunch downtown at Grannan’s (their mahi mahi sandwich is the bomb dot com) it was time to check off one of two bucket list items, beginning with the reversing falls.

Now, logistically speaking, my bucket list item was to do the new Skywalk, but unfortunately, it wasn’t open to the public yet. BUT for the first time after two previous tries, the falls were actually doing their reversing thing for a change. Victory!

Reversing Falls 1

Reversing Falls 3


Reversing Falls 2

After the falls, we took a drive out to the famous Irving Nature Park, which I had heard so many amazing things about yet never had the chance to visit. Trust me when I say, please make time to visit if you’re ever in the Saint John area.

Irving Nature Park 4

Irving Nature Park 2

Irving Nature Park 3

We did the express visit (we’re busy bees and had work waiting for us back home) but the drive-through loop in the park allowed us to see some of the most stunning views – we even saw a friendly seal!

Irving Nature Park 1

Irving Nature Park 5

My two favorite views: ocean + this guy

Irving Nature Park 6

Irving Nature Park 7

Seriously. This park is beautiful.

So Saint John – I know I never quite gave you a chance until this summer, but I mean this from the bottom of my heart. You’re pretty awesome in the summer and I kind of like you now.

What is your favorite spot in Saint John? Where should I go next time I visit? 


  • Veronica Hachey
    September 15, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Sounds like a great time. I cant wait till we go visit down East. We hace even been taljing of moving there but the winters are harder then ours.

    • crystalrichard
      September 15, 2017 at 1:28 pm

      The East can’t wait to welcome you :)


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