Top tips for enjoying the spring in Halifax, Nova Scotia


I’ve said it on here many times before – Halifax, Nova Scotia holds a special spot in my heart. And as the years pass, sometimes I find it harder to believe I called such a magical place home for 6 years.

So naturally, it’s always wonderful to visit and this past weekend, I had the exciting opportunity to visit on business. 

Yeah, I’ll never get used to saying that! *giggles*

I hit Halifax for the EDCE Conference (entrepreneurs, small businesses, great speakers, great networking and more!) but as us wanderfolk do, I made a point to sneak some time to explore on my own too.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the weekend!

Haliburton House Inn Halifax East Coast Mermaid

When I was planning my trip for EDCE, I knew I was staying at the Delta Barrington for the conference, but decided to head up a day early to unwind in a nice hotel, do a little shopping (because shopping is WAY better in Hali, let’s face it) and get rested for the weekend. To switch things up, I booked a night at boutique hotel, the Haliburton.

What a ridiculously quaint spot! I mean, check out this bed. Which was totally perfect for eating some Mexican takeout in while growing my business later that night.

Haliburton Halifax East Coast Mermaid

Photo 2017-04-27, 8 13 46 PM

The following morning, I focused on client work from bed until it was time to checkout. After three really great hours of productive, heads down, awesomeness, a guilt free stroll on the foggy waterfront was in order.

Considering the fog horn lulled me to the bed the night before, I was prepared for major fog on my walk.

Halifax Waterfront

Photo 2017-04-28, 12 16 59 PM

the wave halifax waterfront

halifax waterfront east coast mermaid

halifax waterfront east coast mermaid

halifax waterfront east coast mermaid

2017-04-28 12.25.21

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 07 02 PM

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 07 48 PM

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 08 07 PM

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 08 51 PM

Despite Friday morning starting off in a fog – literally – the rest of the weekend was pretty sunny. I was in conference sessions on and off throughout the day on Saturday, but still managed to get out for some walks around downtown, some hot fresh out of the oven croissants at Two If By Sea, and of course – lunch at one of my favorite spots, the Gahan House.

Seriously. Calories don’t count in Halifax, OK?

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 09 57 PM

Photo 2017-04-29, 9 33 21 AM

Photo 2017-04-29, 10 30 03 AM

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 10 18 PM

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 11 30 PM

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 18 04 PM

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 13 39 PM

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 16 33 PM

After an amazing Saturday, including dinner out with some fellow girl bosses, followed by drinks at a Speak Easy with new friends, Sunday morning was all about being lazy in bed with iced coffee, followed by a classic Halifax brunch.

So I met up with one of my besties for the most delicious brunch at Edna’s. There was a line up around the block at 9:50am (it opens at 10) and I totally understand why. The food was amazing and the spot itself is charming as can be!

Photo 2017-04-30, 8 34 00 AM

Photo 2017-05-03, 10 18 47 PM

Photo 2017-04-30, 10 32 52 AM

Halifax – you’re always good to me.

Until next time.


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  • denisebrownell
    May 5, 2017 at 9:13 am

    I enjoyed reading this! I spent 6 years as a student in Halifax. Now my daughter is studying at my alma mater. I’m always looking for new eating spots. Gahan House is one of our favourites. I will put Edna’s on the list! I recommend The Coastal for brunch…..

    • crystalrichard
      May 5, 2017 at 12:26 pm

      Thank you for leaving a note! I also spent 6 years there as a student and I cherish those years every day! I LOVE The Coastal! They have an amazing brunch. #greatmindstinkalike


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