Eating Heritage Festival, an East Coast Good Time


Earlier this year when I was invited to be a part of the Eating Heritage Festival and Slow Food in Canada National Summit – I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about it. But the words ‘eating’ and ‘food’ were in the title – so I was pretty confident I was in for a treat.

Well, after attending my first event of the five day festival tonight, let me tell you – if I were you, I’d pick up some tickets to this weekend’s events.




Shout out to Ditch Rich Nurseries for this garden spread ^

Tonight was the Opening Evening and Taste Tintamarre downtown, and while the weather was a little chilly and a little wet, that didn’t stop festival attendees from making noise in the streets to celebrate food and Acadian heritage.

And I have to say, as a pure blooded Acadian who has taken part in many tintamarres in my 33 years, watching visitors blow horns, shake noise makers and shout to the roof tops for their first tintamarre was heartwarmingly perfect.





After the Tintamarre through downtown Moncton, it was time for an East Coast feast of local wild and farmed sturgeon both smoked and cooked rotisserie style over charcoal fire.

You guys. It’s my new favorite thing.







If you love seafood or caviar, definitely check Acadian Sturgeon – they ship Canada-wide.

To complement the sturgeon was an amazing salad spread by Barolo & Co.




In just a few hours, I was blown away by the amazing spread, the friendly attendees, the music, the decor, EVERYTHING. I think Mayor Dawn Arnold said it best – we need to do this every year! 

The good news is that if you live in the Greater Moncton Area, you can still attend!

And I’m going to make it INCREDIBLY easy for you.

Like music, disco, and soup? May I suggest Disco Soupe Friday @ 12:00pm?

“At a Disco Soupe, everyone rolls up their sleeves to transform “ugly” vegetables into a delicious meal. Obviously, it all happens to the beat of the music!”

Details here. Did I mention it’s FREE and I’ll be there?

Love Kombucha? I’m obsessed. Attend a Kombucha workshop!

I sadly can’t attend but YOU can – tickets + details here.

There’s also a Drink Local: Beer & Wine of NB event Saturday at 1:00pm and a Sparkling Wine tasting at 5:00pm – which I will 100% be attending, because rosé all day! 

Lastly, Saturday night’s Slow Food Heroe’s Gala and Fundraiser event is a MUST ATTEND. Learn more here + purchase tickets here, but can I just add – the main course is a giant Acadian flag made entirely of local seafood. It will be made in collaboration with local chefs, producers, and fishermen and be created from lobster (red), oysters (white), mussels (blue) and sea urchin (yellow star).

Yeah. That’s going to be the most East Coast seafood instagram photo there ever was.

SO what are you waiting for?

Go to for more information and tickets to these and more events.

And then tell them the mermaid sent you! 

Lastly, a huge thank you to the organizers of Eating Heritage for inviting me to attend their event as a blogger AND for having Crystal Richard & Co. as a PR sponsor! 

PS: Please excuse any typos – I came home and wrote this post on a blissed out sturgeon high 🐟

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