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Introducing Mermaid Girl Boss, aka Global PR Specialist

East Coast Mermaid PR Specialist

Hello, it’s your friendly East Coast Mermaid.

I realize things have been super quiet around these waters as of late and I wanted share a quick note to explain why.

Because I *totally* have a legit awesome reason. 

As many of you already know from my Instagram posts or because you’re a part of the Mermaid Tribe, I made a pretty HUGE announcement last a week ago. One that not only changed the tides of East Coast Mermaid – in a totally good way, I promise – but one that really, truly was a dream come true for me.

You see, after five amazing years of agency life, I began my latest adventure: Mermaid Girl Boss. 

Translation: I founded and incorporated my very own PR + Marketing consulting business: Crystal Richard & Company Inc. 🍍

My specialty? Global Storytelling with an island in the sun kind of vibe ☀️

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.16.41 PM

It’s been completely surreal, but suddenly I’m jumping out of bed in the morning and according to others, glowing in a way I wasn’t before now. Which is totally wild because I absolutely loved my last five years as Director of PR at Onboardly.

But there’s just something magical about holding your destiny in your own hands, yeah?

Moncton Photographer- Tara Geldart-1-10

So what does all of this mean for East Coast Mermaid?

Glad you asked!

One of the best parts about designing my new company is that it allows me to have complete control of the lifestyle I build around it. I’m ditching work + life balance in favour of living a life that allows me to do and love both. And East Coast Mermaid is a huge part of that life.

Many ask how I came up with the name Crystal Richard & Co.

The answer is pretty simple. For the consulting side of the business, I’m a one woman shop, with no plans to become an agency. So sticking with Crystal Richard and my existing brand – East Coast beach bum storyteller living a life of adventure – made sense. I added ‘Company’ to harbour East Coast Mermaid and coming this summer – East Coast Pirate.

Yes, the pirates are coming. 


I’m literally building a company out of all of my favorite things: storytelling, beach life, adventure, mermaids, and pirates. 

And that’s the coolest thing in the world to me.

So stay tuned. As you can imagine, things are a little busy this month with getting my consulting biz off the ground AND getting the East Coast Mermaid shop ready for the summer.

But I’m so so so excited for more East Coast adventures coming soon AND more Fearless Siren interviews.

Yes, this summer is going to be the best one yet.

So stick around ✌🏻

Curious about my new girl boss life or the very exciting world of PR & Marketing? Give Crystal Richard & Co. a like on Facebook. And as always, follow along on Instagram to be the first to know about upcoming adventures, product launches, and more! 

Oh and if you haven’t checked out the shop’s new starfish + seashell stud earrings line, what are you waiting for

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  • laurenchutchison
    April 24, 2017 at 3:35 pm

    Congratulations, Crystal! I look forward to hearing more updates.


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