Surf’s Up on the Tidal Bore

East Coast Mermaid Surfing the tidal bore

I talk about the beach A LOT on here.

After all, the beach + ocean + the nautical lifestyle are what East Coast Mermaid is all about.

What I don’t talk about enough on here is our beautiful riverfront here in Moncton. Yeah, it’s a little muddy and it has the nickname the Chocolate River (with good reason) but it’s actually pretty gorgeous when you actually stop to appreciate it. It’s also where the Bay of Fundy tides put on quite the show, twice a day, called the Tidal Bore.

Feel free to geek out and read up on it here.

tidal bore moncton - east coast mermaidI’ve lived in Moncton for twenty-six of my thirty two years and before this summer, I had only witnessed the bore once in my life. This summer, I’ve seen it a handful of times and I still get excited about it.

Because the wave is constant, the Tidal Bore attracts wild surfers from all over the world (the current and force of the wave is gnarly) but there are a few brave locals that surf it locally. This past weekend, my cousin visiting from Whistler was one of them and getting to watch was awesome.


Also, bonus points because Matty did it sans wet suit and I won’t even dip my mermaid toes in that water. Yes, salt water does run in our family’s veins.

Check out the awesome surf video I put together and make sure to share with the surfers in your life 🌊

Surfs Up On The Tidal Bore from Crystal on Vimeo.

If you haven’t caught our surfers on the Tidal Bore in Moncton, I hope you find yourself in the right place, at the right time to catch some in action this summer. It’s pretty epic!

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