Let’s Go Camping!

As many of you know from my Instagram or Snapchat, last weekend I went camping with some of my best friends and had the absolute time of my life.

I’m not a seasoned camper. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times in my thirty-one years that I’ve gone to a campground, pitched a tent (correction: someone else pitched a tent for me) and woke up in a tent. Though I’ve only had this one with nature experience a handful of times, I have to say, that with the right people, it’s a magical experience.

Now that Scenes from the Weekend is done for yet another summer, I decided that moving forward, I’d share adventures as they happen and this one was just too good not to share.

Here are just a few of my favorite snapshots from our camping trip.

IMG_4372Thank you to these perfect humans for inviting me – even if it made Marc grumpy ;)


IMG_4383 marc bought the ladies some super surprises

IMG_4692so much surprise

IMG_4691After all that surprise, it was time for us to head down to the river to *attempt* to catch some fish. East Coaster I am, girl who fishes I am not. But with a quick tutorial from the pros, I caught the biggest catch of the day. It was just a little more sea grassy than we were in the mood for.IMG_4690IMG_4689IMG_4688IMG_4686IMG_4683IMG_4682IMG_4684IMG_4681fish photo bomb! 

IMG_4680On our adventure to the river, we had to travel through a beautiful Scottish historic site, where we found some old abandoned gravestones from the 1700’s, replaced with new stones to properly identify the graves.  We also learned about the little deserted island photographed above, Beaubears Island, that is home to a ton of local history.IMG_4678IMG_4677IMG_4676IMG_4675found these two driftersIMG_4674

One of my favorite parts about the campground were all the tall, old trees. The East Coast isn’t exactly known for our old trees and as someone who dreams of the Pacific Northwest and its beautiful forests on the regular, I get really excited when I’m amongst old beauties like these. Even if they’re still tiny in comparison.IMG_4672IMG_4671The boys are fans of trees too, which is why they decided to plant a few while the ladies made the trek to the loo! I wish I had more photos from the evening onward, but it was around this time the hot chilli was ready and the wine was poured.

Have you been on any weekend road trips with your squad lately?


Make sure to come back on Wednesday for my Guilty Pleasure of the Month!

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