Hug a Cactus in Arizona

arizonaheader_october2015I have many things on my bucket list, but going to Phoenix, Arizona was definitely on it. Despite spending a summer in Vegas, the closest I got to Arizona was standing on the state line at the Hoover Dam and landing in the Grand Canyon.  When the opportunity came up to go to Phoenix (or more specifically the Paradise Valley / Scottsdale area) for work – the answer was 100% yes, yes, yes!

A few travel hiccups later, thanks to Toronto’s #FogGate,  a stop to gas up the plane in a whole other city not on the flight plan, some unplanned fun at the Chicago O’Hare airport (hello Spa!)  and being told on our last flight to Phoenix as we board “Oh – we don’t have you on this plane”  we finally made it to Phoenix, 22 hours of travel time later. It became obvious, that my Phoenix bucket list was upgraded. After all that, I would take a walk on the wild side and hug a cactus.

We had so many laughs (SO many laughs), a whole lot of fun, and we were so proud of our amazing clients rocking it at their annual convention. It may have only been three days in the desert, but a lifetime of memories were made.

Here are a few (or a lot) of my favorite photos from our trip. 

IMG_5244IMG_5281IMG_5246When you’re stuck in the Chicago O’Hare Airport for a few hours, don’t despair! There is a lot of fun to be had! Renee and I send a whole lot of thanks to the team at the Terminal Gateway Spa for the last minute pedicure and massage. They certainly made the delay worth it. And we also developed a new addiction at Garrett’s Popcorn Shops. If you’re ever in Chicago, the Garrett’s Mix (or Chicago Mix as many call it) is crack in a bag. Lastly – we loved trying the Vosges Haut-Chocolate.

IMG_5247IMG_5248IMG_5249IMG_5250IMG_5251IMG_5252IMG_5253IMG_5254IMG_5255IMG_4837IMG_5257 We stayed at the fabulous Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia and it quickly became one of my favorite resorts I’ve ever stayed at and I’ve been fortunate to stay at some pretty nice ones over the years. It was my second Omni experience (I stayed at the Nashville Omni in April) and I’m sold on these guys as a hotel brand. We especially loved the complimentary robes!

IMG_5258IMG_4847IMG_5261IMG_5260IMG_5262IMG_5092IMG_4948IMG_5263IMG_5264IMG_4943IMG_5074IMG_5265IMG_5091Sunsets and dinner attire are meant for photoshoots in the desert. We had WAY too much fun taking advantage of the perfect lighting, the cacti, and those palm trees. Renee may have also gone diving in a fountain.  IMG_5090IMG_5089IMG_5006IMG_5002IMG_5268IMG_5269A huge thank you to everyone who made our three days in the desert (and travel experience to and from) so memorable and perfect. It won’t be the last time the desert sees the Onboardly ladies!   


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