5 Not to be Missed Coastal Takeout Spots in New Brunswick {Pt. 1}

If you’re traveling in New Brunswick this summer, rest assured that the possibilities for the most delicious coastal takeout, including our coveted fried clams and lobster rolls, are as endless as the ocean.

In fact, you might be overwhelmed with just how many roadside takeout spots there are to choose from but don’t worry – you’ve got a mermaid to help you!

This summer, I’ll be sharing 15 of my favorite roadside restaurants in Southern Coastal New Brunswick here on the blog in a three-part series.

Starting with – 5 of my favourites that are now open for the summer season!

If you’re visiting Deer Island this summer, or traveling through on your way to Campobello Island, Ocean View Takeout is a must-stop for lunch or supper.

It’s called Ocean View for a reason and features a spacious deck for outdoor dining with views of the ocean. It’s just minutes from the L’Etete ferry to the mainland, and about 20 minutes to the Campobello Island ferry landing on the Southern tip of the island.

Mermaid Favorites: I’m a huge fan of their lobster roll and their fish burger, which is HUGE. I like to joke they put the entire fish on the bun.

Things to know before you go: This takeout spot is outdoor dining and takeout ONLY. There is no indoor dining.

📍Ocean view takeout, 11 Hathway Cove Lane, Lambertville, New Brunswick
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I’m often asked WHO in New Brunswick makes the best fried clams, and I am always quick to reply – fried clams are fried clams, there are no favorites. But Ossie’s is is always one of the top contenders, especially because of their amazing homemade tartar sauce.

Ossie’s Lunch is the perfect spot to stop for lunch or supper if you’re traveling through Charlotte County. It’s also so gosh darn good, you really don’t need an excuse to make a trip to Ossie’s.

Mermaid Favorites: The fried clams, hands down. They are AMAZING. And don’t forget to ask for the in-house made tartar sauce. Trust me on this one.

Things to know before you go: This takeout spot is outdoor dining and takeout ONLY. There is no indoor dining. It’s also CASH ONLY. Wait time can be anywhere from 10-15 minutes to over an hour, so plan ahead, especially if you’re going on the weekends or at supper time.

📍 3034 NB-760, Bethel, New Brunswick (near St. George)
🌐 Catch them on Facebook or on their website.

Ponzi’s has been a staple fish market and restaurant in Bouctouche for decades, but it wasn’t until it got a super cute renovation a few years back that I finally went in to see what all of the fuss was about.

If you’re spending the day in Bouctouche to visit la Dune de Bouctouche, le Pays de la Sagouine, or the Irving Gardens, make sure to plan a stop at Ponzi’s for lunch or supper. You won’t be disappointed!

Mermaid Favorites: You know me, fried clams with a side of lobster roll! But I’ve also heard incredible things about their seafood poutines.

Things to know before you go: Ponzi’s has a cute little indoor dining area, so you can plan to visit rain or shine!

📍138 Irving Blvd, Bouctouche, New Brunswick
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You can’t visit St. Andrews by the Sea without making a stop at the Clam Digger on the way into town. It’s a must and you can’t miss it, as you’ll drive right by it as you pass through Chamcook.

The Clam Digger, as its name suggests, is one of several go-to destinations for fried clams in the area and their fried clam platter size and portion of clams is very generous. They have a number of grill items too, so if you’re more of a landlubber, don’t let that stop you from visiting!

Mermaid Favorites: Shocker, the fried clams are my fave but the Digger Fried Pickles with ranch sauce are also pretty darn epic.

Things to know before you go: This takeout spot is outdoor dining and takeout ONLY. There is no indoor dining. Wait time can vary, especially on the weekends, so plan accordingly!

📍 4468 Rte 127, Saint Andrews, NB, New Brunswick
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Every year, as coastal takeouts open for another summer season, I can’t help but get excited. But this year, there is one we could not be more excited about – Chez Camille! Last summer, they experienced a terrible fire and the loss of their beloved restaurant, but they recently opened the doors to their brand-new restaurant.

Chez Camille is the perfect stop if you’re heading to or from the beaches or just looking for an excuse for a drive to the shore for dinner and a walk on the beach.

Mermaid Favorites: The fried clams are amazing and they offer two sized platters to choose from. They also make an absolutely delicious lobster roll, so make sure to add one of those to your order.

Things to know before you go: Chez Camille’s new restaurant has a large indoor dining area, as well as a spacious outdoor covered patio making it a great destination, rain or shine. Wait time can range between 15-60 minutes, depending on how busy the restaurant is, so plan accordingly.

📍 2385 Acadie Rd, Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick
🌐 Catch them on Facebook.

Stay tuned for {Pt. 2} of my favorite coastal takeouts splashing ashore next month!


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