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Llama-zing Adventures Beach Walks in New Brunswick

If you had told me at the beginning of 2020 that Llama-zing Adventures beach walks with llamas in New Brunswick would be one of the hottest tickets around….

Well, I definitely would have said “Um, YES! LOVE THAT!” But I’m not 100% sure I would have believed that such a magical experience would even exist. Let alone on the shores of Barachois.

But guess what! 2020 is just full of surprises. Including llama beach walks hosted by the Llama-zing Adventures in Haute-Aboujougane, New Brunswick.

Haute-Abou-joo-what? Located minutes from Cap-Pelé (and 15-20 minutes from Shediac) is Llama-zing Adventures owner Josée’s farm. It’s home to all kinds of cute critters, including her beloved llamas and alpacas.

Several evenings a week, she gathers those llamas and alpacas into her trailer, takes them down to the beach in Barachois on Pointe aux Bouleaux Road and you—YES YOU—can pay to book a tour to walk them along the beach.

I can hear animal lovers squealing from here.


It may seem too good to be true, but yes. Anyone can book a beach walk and personally walk a llama or alpaca along the sandy shores. It’s not even remotely surprising that when Llama-zing Adventures first launched and CBC picked up the story, they were flooded with inquiries and booking requests.

In fact, at the time of publishing this, it’s my understanding there are no openings or bookings happening. So you can imagine my determination to get a reservation when bookings opened up to the public in July, with thousands of locals all after the same prize: one-on-one time with a llama on a beach.

Mama Mermaid and I scored an evening sunset stroll. Which, in my opinion, was the best because is there anything better than strolling the beach at sunset? The answer is yes, yes there is. And that’s strolling the beach at sunset with a llama.


Who else is a huge Napoleon Dynamite fan? It doesn’t matter how much time has passed or how ridiculous that movie is—It gives me fits of hysterical belly laughs every time. One of my favourite scenes is the infamous scene where Napoleon tries to feed Tina the Llama.

“Tina you fat lard. Come get some dinner.”

Napoleon Dynamite

So naturally, when the time came to pick llamas and alpacas, my hand shot in the air for Tina the Alpaca. Apparently I am one of many who request Tina, given the popularity of the film. Especially with anyone who grew up knowing who Napoleon Dynamite is.

And if you caught my Insta stories from the evening, you will know I did not miss out on the chance to get a “Tina – eat the food” video. How could I not?

But call her a fat lard? Not a chance. Look at that majestic face!


While there is an option to book a river walk with Llama-zing Adventures, again, as a mermaid I can’t stress how glad I was that we were able to land a beach walk. It’s an easy stroll, I would say about a 1KM total and no more.

I wore flip flops and only sustained one squished toe when Tina accidentally walked on it. And I could have cared less because I was walking an alpaca on the beach. So if you’re worried about getting your feet stepped on, I’d recommend sneakers or closed toed shoes of some sort that are beach friendly.

While you will have plenty of opportunities to snap some photos, videos and selfies with the llamas along the walk, the tour does stop at the end of the beach for the perfect photo op. The Llama-zing Adventures team are more than happy to take photos for you and don’t rush the moment in the slightest! You can tell happy guests (and happy llamas) is number one for them.

At the end your walk, you’ll have the opportunity to hand feed the llamas and alpacas some of their favorite treats. If you’re lucky enough to have Tina, well, you can always recreate the “Tina eat the food!” moment. Just make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see 😉


Want to book your own magical adventure with llamas? While they are not currently taking bookings for beach or river walks, make sure to check out their Facebook Page to learn more about events at the farm. And I heard a rumour they’re planning to do llamas and snowshoeing this winter! Oh em gee!

Check out their website to be the first to know about tours and events:

Can’t get a booking before the end of the summer? Luckily for you, this mermaid has 15 more things you can do to make the most of your summer in New Brunswick.

PS: This post was not in any way sponsored, I’m just obsessed with llamas and female-led NB businesses!

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