East Coast Bites: Moncton Taco Week

East Coast Mermaid Explores Taco Week in Moncton

Disclaimer: I was kindly invited by Moncton Taco Week Creator, Jared, to join him to chat about the event and get a sneak peek at some of the featured tacos. All opinions and thoughts are my own but I really love tacos, so you can be sure I have nothing but great things to say. 

ALSO. INTRODUCING East Coast Bites. A brand NEW series dedicated to Atlantic Canadian food and if we’re being honest, it’s going to be 99.9% ALL THINGS SEAFOOD. Because you know us mermaids love our fish, fish, fish but every once and awhile we throw a little turf into our surf  😎

Last year, Moncton had its first-ever Moncton Taco Week and I know I might be a little biased as a taco obsessed human being, but the event was exactly what Moncton needed and let’s face it – our little city would never be the same again.

Over 8,000 tacos were sold and with $1 from each taco plate going to the Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick United Way – $7,785 was donated in total.

How is that for using a mad love of tacos to do amazing things?

We took part in Moncton Taco Week last year and made a small dent in the 17 restaurants across the city that were participating and after it was over, I remember thinking to myself – I need to be a part of that next year. 

Of course – time flew by and my life, as many of you know, is a constantly turning tilt a whirl of excitement and #allthethings – and as it happened, I realized I would be in New York City for this year’s Taco Week.

But – the universe had my back as it always does and I was beyond excited when I heard from Jared Betts, the Executive Director and Creator of Moncton Taco Week, who was interested in meeting with a fellow Aquarian, ocean lover and mer-folk to chat over tacos.

And we were able to make it happen JUST in time for the kickoff of Moncton Taco Week!



When I asked Jared what inspired him to start Moncton Taco Week – I expected his answer to be something along the lines of “I really love tacos.” Hell – that would be my immediate response. But as it turns out, there’s more than just a love of tacos behind the brand.


Moncton Taco Week – Executive Director, Jared Betts

A world traveler and incredibly talented artist, Jared found himself working at a taco bar in the British Virgin Islands. He was ultimately living the dream. When that taco bar was destroyed in a storm, Jared wanted to find a way to help rebuild it. While the owners  thought the offer was honourable, they simply couldn’t accept the help so Jared directed his attention to giving back on a local scale here in Moncton.


During Moncton Taco Week, $1 from every taco plate purchased (some plates have anywhere from 2-3 tacos per plate) will be donated to Greater Moncton and Southeastern New Brunswick United Way. Plates range in price from $7 to $20.

Need a little incentive to EAT ALL THE TACOS? In addition to getting to enjoy delicious tacos at 29 RESTAURANTS ACROSS THE CITY for seven days – you will also receive a Taco Passport.

Eat at a restaurant, get your Taco Passport stamped.

IMG_2726When you collect seven or more stamps, you’re entered to win a Moncton staycation that includes a stay at the St. James Gate Boutique Hotel, a day at the USVA Spa Nordik, and dinner at the Gate. All because you ate tacos, people!


Moncton Taco Week 2019 kicks off on Wednesday, May 1st until Tuesday, May 7th and you can get involved at 29 restaurants in Moncton including Guacamole, Blue Olive, St. James Gate, Tony’s Bistro & Pâtisserie , Dolma Food, Notre Dame de Parkton and more.


Guacamole Mexican Street Food, Owner Dominique Ratté

I was lucky enough to get to try two restaurants early – Guacamole Mexican Street Food and Blue Olive.

Guacamole’s taco is a SHRIMP CEVICHE and it is SO GOSH DARN GOOD. It brought me right back to enjoying ceviche in Peru and there’s a very strong chance of me 100% returning before I jet off to NYC on Friday.

And the best part? The shrimp are from northern New Brunswick so they’re LOCAL!


Blue Olive offers two tacos to choose from: lamb with garlic sauce and chicken shawarma with tzatziki sauce. While I enjoyed both – the lamb was out of this world. If I wasn’t away this weekend – I would definitely treat myself to that one again!



TOO MANY taco options to decide? I asked Jared which one is his favorite. After all, as the organizer, he’s tried them all. Jared’s pick is Guacamole’s Ceviche! 

And because I know you’re dying to know –  Which taco am I most excited to try this week? Notre-Dame Parkton’s “Walking Taco,” duh! Notre-Dame de Parkton is one of my favorite quirky hole-in-the-wall spots in Moncton and we loved their 2018 taco. I can’t wait to try this year’s.

To learn more about Moncton Taco Week visit

There are also events going on ALL WEEK LONG celebrating tacos, like a Taco Shakedown at Black Rabbit and an All-You-Can-Eat Taco Bar at Working Class. Find out more about all of the events here.

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