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If you follow me on Instagram, it’s not news to you that I’ve been traveling A LOT this winter. From California to Peru to Las Vegas – it’s been a whirlwind past few months.

I’ve always had my must-have travel products, but I recently teamed up with Sequoia Dieppe to try out some new products available in-store to compliment my globetrotting ways and I’m so excited to share each and every one with you.


If you’re a fellow Canadian, you know the feeling. You land somewhere hot for your winter vacation (or the spring weather finally hits) and you’re so excited to wear that beautiful sundress you love or throw on some shorts until you’re blinded by your pasty white legs. Yes, this is a feeling I know all too well.

Natural Self Tan

Which is why I’m now a repeat user of True Natural Self Tan. Leading up to my trip to California (which happened to be the first time my pale white legs would see the hot, hot sun this winter) I put on two applications of this product and was incredibly happy with the results. I’d avoided self-tanners since one bad oompa loompa experience in high school, so I was pleasantly surprised at how streak-free, easy to apply, and did I mention all-natural + vegan this product was?

Plus, I got a ton of great comments on my natural tan at Work of Heart Weekend.


I’m a long time fan of Pacifica’s coconut water cleansing face wipes and use them for a variety of purposes from removing makeup at night to freshening up after a few hours at the beach. For travel, these babies come in SO handy.

Pacifica Coconut Wipes

Here are a few ways I use them when traveling:

  • Makeup removal at night – especially when I’m extra exhausted after a long day of excitement.
  • Removing makeup or freshening up in airports – when I landed in Lima, Peru, I’d been flying for over 11 hours and it was shortly after midnight. My next flight wasn’t until 7:30AM so these wipes made it easy to give my face a good wash and refresh before my next travel leg.
  • At the beach – I always keep a pack of these wipes in my beach bag to freshen up after laying in the sun or swimming in the surf. Especially if you’re heading to a beach bar or lunch spot before heading back to the hotel. 


Last summer, D and I made the decision to switch to all-natural sunscreens where possible and Green Beaver (proudly Canadian) came highly recommended to us by several friends. This year, I was all for using Green Beaver again but was in need of a spray bottle option where I was travelling alone and needed some way to reach my back where I tend to burn the most.

Green Beaver SunscreenEnter Green Beaver Natural Mineral Sunscreen.  This product was amazing and used multiple times a day in Peru and Vegas. I even used it on my face and didn’t have any issues with breakouts (something I’m prone to with many sunscreens for the face). Lastly, my skin feels so much better with this stuff compared to normal spray-on sunscreens that dry your skin out immediately.


Over the past few years, I’ve gotten much better at remembering to apply sunscreen but where I’ve lacked obedience is when it comes to protecting my lips. Mostly because I’m usually applying a lip balm sans SPF or lipstick before leaving the house – even if I’m heading to the beach.

SPF Lip BalmThis SPF 30 sunscreen lip balm by another Canadian gem, Green Cricket, was perfect to keep in my beach bag. It is loaded with zinc and it will make your lips a bit white so it may not be your go to if you’re heading to a patio for lunch but if you’re planning to lay in the sun or be in the waves – it’s a must.

I made sure to apply it each time I went surfing (as you get hit with extra strong rays when you’re floating on a surfboard at sea) and it kept my lips safe and unburnt.


I’m a lover of bacteria. Since discovering the benefits of healthy bacteria and probiotics, I’m a daily user. I start my day off with Kefir and have at least one Kombucha a day, and as a result, my digestive system has never felt more amazing.

Of course, traveling with Kefir is tricky and depending on where you’re traveling, Kombucha isn’t always super mainstream. It wasn’t a thing in Peru at all!

Travel ProbioticsEnter these AMAZING travel probiotics by Flora that require no refridgeration and can be easily thrown in your bag. They’re also designed to help reduce the risk of traveler’s diarrhea. I took these twice a day in Peru and had ZERO issues. And I should note – I was eating EVERYTHING, brushing my teeth with local water, and throwing caution to the wind left-right-and-centre.

While everyone I was with said they all had bouts of upset stomach or diarrhea at some point – I was 100% fine. So naturally, I will be singing my praises for this product for a VERY long time to come.


Sheet MaskOne of my new favorite travel hacks is to pack several fiber sheet masks to apply on the first day of my trip because let’s face it – after spending hours in an airplane, you’re probably dehydrated and your skin is really feeling the impact. What better way to start your vacation on day one, then to wake up, put on a facial mask and refresh + hydrate your skin?

I never leave for a vacation with one or two in my bag and this particular one by Andalou Naturals left my skin feeling AMAZING.


OK, so I actually discovered this one from my friend Angela before all my travels, but it saved me from exhaustion on all three trips WHILE battling jetlag. Chlorella is a fresh-water algae packed with all kinds of good stuff like iron, protein, magnesium and more. Known for boosting immune function, it also does wonders for providing energy and beating that afternoon crash – which can be a real buzz kill when you’re on vacation.


For maximum benefits, I take 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch, and 1 at dinner and my energy is sustained throughout the day – no problem. It’s especially great if you’re somewhere like Las Vegas or California and planning to eat dinner late, take in a show, or dance the night away.

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Want to learn more about these awesome products? I’ve created a YouTube video sharing more details on each product. Watch it here!

And I want to know! Which products are you excited to try this summer or on your next vacation? What are your go-to travel must haves?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Sequoia Dieppe, but all opinions and views are my own. You can purchase any of these products by visiting them at 550 Gauvin Road, Dieppe, New Brunswick. Make sure to Like them on Facebook and Follow on Instagram

All photos in this post are my own. 

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