Behind The Scenes At Eating Heritage Festival, Slow Food Magic


Last week, I shared a behind the scenes look at the opening night of Eating Heritage Festival and Slow Food in Canada National Summit  and the rest of the weekend did NOT disappoint.

On account of all things girl bossing, I had to skip Disco Soupe but had the absolute time of my life at Tiny Bubbles – Sparkling Wines of Canada tasting and of course – the Slow Food Heroes Gala which featured 500 pounds of seafood, because why not?

Here’s an up close and personal look at Saturday night’s festivities. If you love seafood, this post may cause drooling.

eating heritage slow food moncton

eating heritage slow food moncton

eating heritage slow food moncton


east coast mermaid eating heritage slow food moncton

First of all – the local organizing team behind Eating Heritage deserves the highest of fives. Sarah, Max, Jared (^ @heyitsmejaredg) and the rest of the team + volunteers – you guys are slow food HEROES.

Second of all, my Saturday duties as a mermaid ambassador begin with the Tiny Bubbles – Sparkling Wines of Canada tasting event. As many of you probably know, sparkling wine is a personal fave. Rosé all day is my jam.

So naturally, this tasting was a real treat. I also learned why both of my favorite wines, hailing from two different Nova Scotia wineries taste similar! But it may or may not be hazy at best, because I was at a wine tasting 🙋

east coast mermaid eating heritage slow food moncton



While there were many highlights from the tasting, I would have to say the lady that declared that one wine tasted like “grapefruit, sex, and a man’s sexy arm pits” earns top honours.

After Tiny Bubbles, my favorite fellow seafood lover, my mother, arrived to join me as my date for the night.

east coast mermaid eating heritage slow food moncton

We sipped wine & cocktails, while watching the amazing teams from Barolo & Co. and Maison Beausoleil Oysters put together the most EPIC spread for that evening’s dinner.

eating heritage slow food moncton

eating heritage slow food moncton



One of the absolutely best parts of the day? And there was 500 pounds of seafood! Was getting to chat with the lovely fellow brand ambassador, Lindsey Shifley (@lindseyshifley) visiting from Chicago!

Lindsey is a Food Revolution Super Ambassador for Jamie Oliver – how cool is that? – and both our mothers are named Brenda. So naturally, we bonded over Jamie’s use of Buffalo Stance for his theme song, how Kombucha makes the intestines dance and do their thing, and that living on the East Coast really is the greatest thing ever.


Lindsey – you’re now an honorary East Coast’er, come visit anytime :)

After awards were given to Slow Food Heroes across the country, it was time for the seafood feast and it was one, I won’t soon forget. Arranged as the Acadian Flag and featuring mussels, oysters, lobster and crab (all locally sourced I might add) with coleslaw and potato salad as sides, people will be talking about this meal for a long time.








Yes, that was real life. I’m still pinching myself too.

I had the best time meeting new faces from all over the world. Again, to the organizers, congratulations again on such a success. People will be talking about this event for many years to come, trust me!

Did you take part in Eating Heritage? What were your highlights? Let me know in a comment below!

An incredibly huge thank you again to the organizers for inviting me to be a brand ambassador and be involved in such an awesome event. 

Looking to get added exposure with a brand ambassador for your East Coast event? Let’s talk. 


  • StephJ
    May 17, 2017 at 7:49 am

    Wow! That seafood looks beyond amazing. I followed the link you provided and it shows it is in Moncton. Not far from me! I might have to make this a priority to do some year. It looks like a beautiful day also. What was your favorite?

    • crystalrichard
      May 17, 2017 at 8:20 am

      Yes! Eating Heritage will hopefully become an annual event and it’s one you MUST attend!

      My favorite was definitely the oysters – they were amazing. The bubbly wines weren’t too bad either ;)

      • StephJ
        May 17, 2017 at 11:21 am

        Those oysters looked out of this world! So fresh!

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