35 Reasons 35 Was Pure Magic

It’s my birthday and in my 36 years on the planet, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much to celebrate.

Yes, today I’m not only celebrating another spin around the sun. I’m celebrating all of the MAGIC, FUN, and LAUGHTER that 35 brought me.

And oh em gee, it was PURE MAGIC.

Up until a few months ago, I had mixed feelings about leaving 35 behind. I kept looking at turning 36 solely from the lens of OMG—I’m one year closer to turning 40. YIKES.

But then the universe kicked us into hyperdrive and next thing I knew, we were getting the keys to our dream home and Dan was proposing in that very dream home, and suddenly I wasn’t stressed about anything.

Because life these days is absolutely swell.

And of course, I couldn’t turn another year older without sticking to my timeless tradition of celebrating 35 reasons that 35 was pure magic ✨

1. Kicked off 35 with a last-minute, spontaneous trip to New York City for an event and woke up to this view every day.

2. I made the cover of our local newspaper after watching one episode of Marie Kondo. I’ll take it.

3. Travelled back to Peru and had another incredible adventure with the team at Unleash.

4. Explored the beautiful coastal city of Lima, Peru during my visit. Became absolutely obsessed with the coastline.

5. Went on a magical girls trip with my mom to California for 10 days. Checked off bucket list items like the San Diego Zoo!

6. Met Amy Porterfield and talked about our Louis Vuitton bags at Social Media Marketing World. It was totally a girly moment and I love it.

7. Strolled the beaches and pier in Santa Monica again.

Fun Fact: I was obsessed with the idea of the Santa Monica pier at the age of 14. (Probably because Jack Dawson mentioned it in Titanic.) And my first email was a hotmail with santamonica_girl in it. Finally visiting the famous pier in 2008 was a dream come true and returning always makes me proud of the fact I never stopped chasing my dreams.

8. Cruised the desert to visit Palm Springs for the first time. I will 100% be back again soon. OBSESSED.

9. Checked beautiful Joshua Tree National Park off my list. Read about my adventure here.

10. While in California, explored Bombay Beach, the Salton Sea, and ate at the same ghost town restaurant Anthony Bourdain ate at once upon a time. Will 100% go back to this super cool, nearly deserted town one day.

11. I had my Instagram moment at the famous Salvation Mountain, California.

12. Got my kicks on Route 66.

13. Ended the perfect girls’ trip to California with 8 hours in Las Vegas. After living in Sin City for one summer after university, I’ll take any opportunity to go back. Even if it’s only enough time to squeeze in the Bellagio Buffet and a few dozen performances of the Bellagio Fountains.

14. Purchased the first official Crystal Richard & Co. company vehicle and I’m still madly in love with it nearly a year later.

15. Dan and I landed on the cover of the last-ever New Brunswick tourism guide. You have to squint to see us, but still excited we’re a part of New Brunswick history now. And a seaglass photo of mine on Grand Manan made the guide itself!

16. After talking about it for years, Dan and I finally went to Gasthof Old Bavarian Restaurant. It was easily one of the best meals of my life.

17. Sandy Toes Shop attended its first Saltscapes Halifax Expo. I can’t wait to go back this year!

18. Visited New York City not once, but twice this year!

19. While in NYC, hung out with Martha Stewart at Create & Cultivate. Realized she is serious life goals. Minus the whole jail time, thing.

20. Landed a Boston client and had the chance to hop over to Boston to see them after hanging with Martha in NYC.

21. I was named one of Greater Moncton’s Top 20 Under 40 award recipients. It was a night and honour I’ll remember forever.

22. Celebrate World Ocean Day by participating in a beach clean up on Minister’s Island in partnership with the Huntsman Marine Aquarium.

23. Gave this little ray a lengthy belly rub. Be still my heart.

24. I got to hang out with Nomad Junkies and show them one of my favourite local New Brunswick travel destinations – the Hopewell Rocks.

25. Spent so much time on my favourite island of Grand Manan and had the chance to share it with best friends and my favourite photographer – Kelly Lawson.

26. Played with the whales. A lot. Like, three whale trips in one month a lot.

27. Escaped to Campobello Island with Dan. It was easily one of my favourite trips of the year because we got to personally deliver a cheque for $1,000 to the Campobello Whale Rescue Team.

28. Attended the first-ever Campobello Island Seaglass Festival. It was magical.

29. Travelled to Montreal with my mom and spent so much time strolling the streets of Old Montreal.

30. Marched with Greta Thunberg. Words can’t even express how amazing that moment truly was.

31. Girls trip to Portland, Maine with the lovely Stefanie, Founder of Halifax Paper Hearts. We had so much fun and ate a lot of donuts.

32. I held a baby sturgeon and developed what will be a lifelong addiction to caviar. Mermaids gonna Mermaid.

33. We bought our DREAM home and got the keys the day after our four year anniversary. I can’t imagine a better gift to each other ❤️

34. Two weeks later, Dan popped the question in our new home ❤️

35. And finally, this month, I said YES to the DRESS! A moment I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl.

Last year, I closed by saying that 35 would be something out of this world.

And it was, it really was.

But 36 is going to be what dreams are made of ✨

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  • B
    January 30, 2020 at 10:04 am

    As always, a great recap on an amazing year! Always amazed by you!


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