32 Reasons 32Wasn’t So Bad

I’ve had a lot of things to say about 2016. It wasn’t amazing, but I also can’t say it was horrible.

Like a typical whirlwind year, it had the usual rollercoaster effects. The ups and the downs and those g-force moments that leave you weightless and dizzy in the very best way. 

Yeah. 32 had some pretty epic moments that left me giddy + grinning.

As I sat down to reflect on what the last year of being 32 meant to me, I realized I did what I really do best.

I fell in love. 

With people. Places. Things. Ideas. Passions. Adventures.

And in the tradition of years past, here are 32 things that happened during my 32nd year.

1. Perhaps the best part of 32? Being in love with my best friend.


2. And then, after only three months together, we got our own place.


3. This year I explored Cape Spencer.


4. Got out of town for a night to celebrate 6 perfect months together.


5. Hit the woods for another epic camping trip with friends.


6. I had my first fancy photoshoot with Tara Geldart Photography!


7. We took Dad to Prince Edward Island for a Father’s Day of beaches, coastal drives, and delicious seafood.


8. Explored the Fundy Trail with this guy.


9. Finally visited the St. Martin’s Sea Caves.


10. Witnessed the most epic sunset from Shediac Bay.


11. Fell in love with the Cobblestone streets of Montreal in the summer.


12. Returned to my favorite lobster roll on the planet: Red’s Eats, Wiscasset, Maine.


13. I got to reunite with one of my favorite Americans for Starbucks car selfies. It’s a thing we do.


14. Fell a little more in love with Portland Head Lighthouse. It’s quite arguably my favorite lighthouse on the planet! 


15. Our trip to Maine also meant another amazing mother-daughter trip for the books! And doesn’t she rock the East Coast Mermaid brand well? 


16. I made it back to one of my favorite piers: Old Orchard Beach!


17. I went on my first banana boat! It was epic. 


18. I was reunited with my favorite author + friend after 9 years had passed since we’d last seen each other. Check out ALL her amazing books here.


19. I had a seagull fry party. On purpose. It’s the little things. 


20. Went to Minnesota for the first time, experienced MALL OF AMERICA. It’s worthy of caps lock and yes, we rode rollercoasters.


21. Went to the Sussex Balloon Festival for the first time.


22. Got a little too adventurous on a day trip to Cape Enrage on the Fundy Coastal Drive. Got a tetanus shot that Monday morning.


23. Went on a lot of great hikes on the East Coast with mom!


24. Went on our first real vacation together. Fell a little more in love with D on the road.


25. Forrilon National Park became one of my favorite National Parks. It’s magical.


26. Hiked to the top of a mountain together. That was awesome.


27. Saw the tallest lighthouse in Canada.


28. Went to Texas for the first time. That was cool.


29. Saw my best friend’s dreams come true and later fell in love with baby Devlin at first sight on January 2nd.


30. Celebrated a year of smiles, laughs, and memories with this guy.


31. I took a huge leap of faith and launched East Coast Mermaid – a new blog and online shop. Best. Decision. Ever. 


32. Lastly, I kept chasing my dreams. Every day. Even in the face of high surf warnings. Because high surf = the best waves.


Yeah, 32 wasn’t so bad after all, but I’m SO excited for what 33 has in store.

33 – let’s dance ✨

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  1. Aww this was so uplifting and positive! What a nice year you had :) can’t wait to see what 207 brings!


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