East Coast Summer Series: Grand Manan Island

For the past 15 years, my East Coast summers just don’t feel like a true East Coast summer unless there’s a visit to Grand Manan Island involved. This summer, we went earlier than usual in order to go to Machias Island to see the puffins (only there in July) but by a lovely twist of […]

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East Coast Wanderfolk Series – Washademoak Lake

As much as I love the ocean, I do still love a good trip to a beautiful lake in the summer. So when we made plans for a couples weekend on Washademoak Lake in Cambridge Narrows, I was over the moon excited. One weekend. My best friends. Perfect cottage. Beautiful lake. HOT TUB. Located just an […]

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East Coast Wanderfolk Series: Mother’s Day at the Zoo 🦁

east coast mermaid magnetic hill zoo

It’s been a long standing Mother’s Day tradition that mom and I plan a trip to the Magnetic Hill Zoo for the day. It’s honestly one of my favorite zoo trips of the year, because the animals are starting to get frisky, therefore they’re absolutely entertaining on all levels and the weather is always beautiful in […]

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Diners in Small Towns🍦

Mel's Tearoom Diner Sackville New Brunswick

Alright, let’s cut right to the chase here. Are you watching Riverdale on Netflix? I was never a fan of the Archie comics, but I’m beyond obsessed with the show featuring the Archie characters set in the small town of the same name. With Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and more sipping on shakes and ordering burgers […]

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