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“In order to write about your life, first, you must live it.” – Ernest Hemingway

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Photo Credit: Tara Geldart Photography

In 2011, a girl named Crystal started a blog. A lot has happened since then.

Leading up to the summer of 2016, she blogged at, a go-to lifestyle blog of coastal tales, great products, delicious recipes, the hottest book recommendations and more.

Until she decided her coastal tales and stories from the East Coast deserved an even bigger place to call home. It was then, on a perfect Sunday at the beach with her boyfriend D, that East Coast Mermaid was born. Dedicated to sharing the same seaside tales and more, ECM is a destination for anyone who ever felt like they should have been born at sea.


By day, Crystal is the President and Owner of Crystal Richard  & Co., a global consulting biz helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and brands get the media they deserve and to build a tribe of raving fans.

Thus far in her career, Crystal has helped launch hundreds of startups and has placed her clients in industry publications such as Forbes, the New York Times, Inc., the Huffington Post, and more. She has also brokered HGTV pilots and helped her clients appear on national television, most notably, the Steve Harvey Show. In 2015, Crystal took the stage as an MC at the International Startup Fest in Montreal.

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photo credit: Tara Geldart Photography

By night, she runs East Coast Mermaid, manages her cat’s Instagram account, and spends every other chance she gets falling a little more in love with her boyfriend D.

Born on the East Coast, she subscribes to the nautical lifestyle and is happiest with sun kissed skin, sea salt in her hair and her toes in the ocean. She will never get mad at you if you track sand in her car. Ever. She listens to everything from Bob Marley to Swift, but always with the windows down and a dance in her step.

She’s 99.9% confident she was a mermaid in her last life, hence why ECM was born from within.

This is her adventure, one wave at a time.

9 thoughts on “the Story

  1. Hey Crystal!!

    Great blog!!!! You always had a spark that maked people want to know more about you and your thoughts. I remember our long Salty’s conversations about anything from our future to what we watched on TV the night before. I know you will do great with this:)


  2. Hello Crystal ! 😃 !
    I’m very disappointed in myself, cos’ I never came across your blog before!
    It’s amazing, so are you ☺️

    Have a great day!
    <3 Zaara

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