Sparkler Fun: How to Up Your Instagram Game with Sparklers this Summer


If the words “I did it for the insta” are words in your vocabulary, this post is totally for you. Why? Because this nifty little camera hack is going to totally help you up your Instagram game this summer. It will also likely inspire you to take some epic Canada Day photos to celebrate #Canada150 🇨🇦

You’re welcome. 

As I shared last week, my best friends and I spent the long weekend in May at a cottage on Washademoak Lake in Cambridge Narrows and it was awesome. If you missed it, you can see all of our East Coast good times here.

One of my bests was celebrating her birthday, so naturally, we had sparklers on hand which put an idea in my head when we went out for our evening campfire and fireworks. Something along the lines of “Oh hey – I’ve seen people on Instagram do cool things with sparklers and photos! How do we do that?”

Clearly, I get all of my education from Instagram.

Within minutes, smarty pants Jess and hubby Pat were setting up my new Canon Rebel for long exposure shots and the rest was history. For added fun, we incorporated some glow in the dark balloons (available at Walmart and highly recommended for summer parties) that made the photos extra neat.

See for yourself!









Want to try this with your squad this summer?

Here’s what you will need:

  • Sparklers – the longer lasting the better! It’ll take you a few seconds to get everyone’s sparklers lit at the same time! 
  • A Camera that shoots long exposure – sadly, an iphone won’t do the trick with these photos! I shoot with a Canon Rebel T6i. 
  • A Tripod OR something sturdy to set your camera on – we used a firewood log, so clearly you can be creative! 

Next, it’s time to get fancy with your camera settings and shoot manually – automatic is not your friend for these photos. I’m not a photographer, so I’m in no way educated enough to walk you through it but if you know how to shoot long exposure, than you probably know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, these resources here and here should help!

BUT if you’re a long exposure pro or know a thing or two, we used a 2 second long exposure!

Most importantly: have fun and be safe! Shooting sparkler photos with your friends or your kids can make for a super fun summer night, but be careful! I got some sparkler residue stuck to my hand during the lighting of the sparklers and it BURNED. Ouch!

So embrace your inner pyro, but do so safely, ok? Ok!

Do you have a fun tip for using sparklers in photos? Leave a comment below or a link to your favorite sparkler photoshoots! 

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