Not now arctic puffin!


You may be thinking… There was no les mots on Monday. No mid-week post on Wednesday. And now, no C list? What’s happening?!

All I can say is… not now arctic puffin! 

And if you’re entirely clueless about this iconic quote from Elf, let me help you out here.

The truth is that it’s been a busy week AND I’m really excited to celebrate the 12 days leading up to Christmas with daily holiday posts right here on the blog. Yes, I’m brave (and crazy) enough to make that promise.

Twelve days of holiday fun. 

So have a little patience. Holiday perfection doesn’t happen overnight. And if you simply cannot wait for these holiday spirit posts to kick off on Tuesday, December 13th then you must keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for sneak peeks in my Insta stories.

And for a little extra holiday spirit until then, make sure to check out what the amazing team at Project Nice List are up to!

Lastly, there’s only one week remaining to order your East Coast Mermaid gifts for Christmas arrival! Tank tops are only $24.95 and a pack of 5 holiday cards by Paper Hearts Halifax is only $19.95 with free shipping (use promo code santababy 🎅🏻 at checkout!)

Shop now! 

Have a super rad weekend AND get out there for some holiday fun ✌🏻

Still scratching your head for gift ideas? Check out the East Coast Mermaid gift guide, here.

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