the C list


Happy Friday, beauties!

It’s been an incredibly busy (but exciting) week for me – especially after announcing my first ever holiday card collaboration with the insanely amazing makers at Paper Hearts Halifax. 

If you’d like to scoop up your very own mermaid holiday card, click HERE

To celebrate a successful and amazing past few weeks and a certain beautiful mother’s birthday, I took Friday off and we’re heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a girl’s shopping trip in the city. I rarely start my Christmas shopping before the second week of December, so I’m extra proud of myself for getting a jump start and scooping up some beautiful gifts for friends and family from some talented Nova Scotia makers.

Because if launching an online shop has taught me anything, it’s a whole new appreciation for every single maker out there ✨

But for now, here is this week’s C list with all of the links that made me smile, laugh, and awwwww this week!

1. Adidas Shoes Made From Ocean Plastic Are Finally Here (via Global Citizen) Yes. The world needs more of this and I was so excited to see an awesome response about these on the ECM Facebook page.

2. This Video Of A Man And His Pony Dancing To Sia Is Everything The World Needs Right Now (via Buzzfeed) Every once and awhile, a video comes along that leaves me in tears of laughter. This is one of those videos. In fact, I just stopped and watched it several times again before finishing this sentence.

3. Funfetti Granola Bars (via Sugar & Cloth) After last weekend’s FUN! desert, I want all things funfetti in my life.

4. This polar bear petting a dog is proof that everything is going to be just fine (via Mashable) True proof everything will be OK you guys.

5. 21 Tips for When you Need more Balance in your Life (via the Blissful Mind) Because balance is important and self-care is even more important.

6. 5 Life Lessons You’ll Learn on a Road Trip (via Hint Blog) Number 2 is my favorite ✌🏻

Have an AMAZING weekend.

And don’t forget to check out the East Coast Mermaid Shop for all your mermaiding gift needs this holiday season. Seriously, you have the power to be gift giver of the year to the mermaids + gypseas in your life, you guys ✌🏻

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