Hello, Friend.

If you’re looking for the C list, I’m sorry to say it won’t be back until next Friday.

Today, I’m choosing to do something I’ve never done before.

I’m unplugging. For realz.

No Instagram. No Snapchat.  No Email. No Facebook. No texting.

But, why?

For one, it’s been an emotionally exhausting past two weeks and technology has played a huge role in that. I think as humans, it’s important to recognize when we need a little self care.

But more importantly, I’m doing it because D and I are getting out of town for the night to properly celebrate our anniversary. I need the open road. I need a little adventure. I need uninterrupted cuddles, laughter and conversation. A cozy hotel room. And a cable lineup that includes our guiltiest pleasure: HGTV. And maybe, just maybe, there’s a beach in there somewhere.

So I’ll see you on the flip side.

And trust me when I say, there is some exciting stuff coming on the flip side.

PS: If you’re observing Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day today, please remember to stop for a moment and remember our veterans.

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  • Alison Doherty
    November 11, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Great idea! So important to take care of yourself.


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