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This past weekend, I did what I do best.

I sipped a toffee nut latte from starbucks and said YES to yet another awesome opportunity for East Coast Mermaid.

Hint: There will soon be some extra special Paper Hearts Halifax merchandise coming to the shop!

This is just one of the many exciting things in the works for the blog + the shop in 2017 and I’m so flipping excited.

The point?

So many of us say…. “It’s my dream to…” or “I have a dream and I want to pursue it.”

If it’s something you really, really, really want – stop calling it a dream and start calling it a plan.

Life’s short and asteroids happen.

Whatever it is you’re dreaming of doing, make a plan, make it happen  ✌🏻

PS: there are no asteroids cruising towards us that I know of. I’m just loving Netflix’s rom-com “No Tomorrow.” You should all make a plan to go watch it. 

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Photo Credit: Yours Truly. Taken in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick.

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3 thoughts on “les mots

  1. toffee nut latte – Sounds amazing, I should try!

    Excited to hear about all the things coming up for your blog, it’s amazing to be inspired and to follow your dreams :)

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