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Happy Friday, Beauties!

It was quite a week. Following in the heels of a wonderful baby shower for one of my bests, I came down with a 48 hour cold, migraine, hit by a turnip truck situation. Being couch ridden with the light of my Macbook having the effect of 1000 laser beams hitting my eyes on Monday night, meant I felt behind for the rest of the week and overcompensated each following day to catch up and kick ass where I could.

Last night, I felt some it’s almost the weekend relief as D and I went out for a movie date to see the Accountant (I loved it) and I can’t wait to finish decorating for Halloween, start working on my costume (hint: eggos) and get some much needed sleep in the coming days.

In the meantime, here is this week’s C list, curated with love, as always.

1. The Pep Talk That Gets Jessica Alba Through Her Day (via Forbes) Jessica Alba is arguably one of my favorite definitions of girl boss and this short and sweet read is so incredibly important to any woman who knows what she wants and won’t settle. It’s a must read.

2. Daniel the emotional support duck takes his first plane ride, soars in popularity (via Washington Post) Another fine example of why the internet was invented.

3. 15 high-paying jobs you can do on the side (via Business Insider) Thinking about making some money on the side? These 15 job suggestions should do the trick.

4. Here’s A Whole Bunch Of Halloween Costumes To Help Inspire Yours (via Refinery29) Stuck on what to go as for Halloween? Be stuck no longer.

5. 30 Halloween Decor Ideas You Need for Your Porch (via Brit + Co.) And because Halloween is just around the corner, here are 30 great ideas for your front porch! I’m loving #1.

Have a stellar weekend ✌🏻

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