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Happy Friday, beautiful humans. And to my fellow Canadians -Happy Turkey Weekend!

While the weather has been beautiful this week, it’s unavoidable for Thanksgiving to really make it sink in that summer is over and Fall has arrived. Retire the flip flops, get out the Uggs. Which I totally already did on our trip to Gaspésie.

Of course, more important than reminding us to reorganize our closets, is that Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to stop, breathe, and be thankful for every single gift from the universe.

Today, I’m incredibly thankful for a lot of things,  many of which are obvious – D, my family, Bella, my friends, planet earth – but I’m also incredibly thankful for all of you. This community and the amazing tribe of sirens (and pirates) that form it.

To say thanks for such stellar support since June – I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on all East Coast Mermaid orders now through Monday (10/10) on online orders. Just use the promo code: MERMAIDTHANKS

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And now – here is this week’s C list, curated with love, just for you!

1. Bridal party executes a Beyoncé-worthy dance at wedding (via Mashable) I think we can all agree – why were we not invited to this wedding? 

2. Koala and Butterfly Join Forces to Make an Amazingly Cute Video (via Travel + Leisure) This little guy took the internet by storm this week and killed the world with his cuteness.

3. 8 Successful People Share Their Best Organization Hacks (via Levo League) Email organization is my daily lifeline. What organization hacks do you swear by?

4. There’s much ado about these Shakespeare scenes cast with furry animals (via Mashable) Guinea Pigs + Shakespeare. You can’t go wrong.

5. 6 Ways to Get Over Your Creative Slump (via the Every Girl) Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump. I blame the end of summer, change in weather, and having a jam packed schedule in September. I’m definitely working on getting “unslumped” and ensuring that I run every day has been key.

Have an amazing weekend!

Eat all the turkey (or tofu turkey) ✌🏻

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