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This les mots is coming from beautiful Gaspésie, Quebec from the happiest blogger there ever was.

I mentioned in Friday’s C list that it’s been nearly a year since I met D and nearly a year that we have been trying to plan a vacation together. Well, the wait was totally worth it because the last 2 days have been nothing short of a dream.

This week’s image for les mots was taken from actual heaven on earth – the famous Cap Bon Ami in Forillon National Park. When you’re scaling cliffs, hiking along the edges of said cliffs, and starring out to sea and seeing nothing but ocean to the end’s of the earth – you can’t help but want to freeze time.

That’s kind of the same effect that happens when you finally take the leap to do something terrifying (and epic) and realize it was totally worth it.

Have more of these moments. Do more things that scare you.

Life is about the moments that leave you breathless.

Add more of them to your life ✌🏻

No Wednesday post this week. This blogger + girl boss has too much vacationing to do. 


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Photo Credit: Yours Truly. Taken in Forillon National Park, Gaspésie, Quebec.

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