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I don’t know what it is about 2016, but I’ve really made it my personal mission to get out and explore every weekend.

It can seem incredibly tempting to stay in and relax on the weekends, but I’ve realized these past few weeks, that getting lost in nature  – even if you hiked your butt off to get there – is quite possibly the most relaxed and at peace you can really get.

It also does wonders as a form of inspiration, is a powerful creativity boost, and truly sets you up to have a productive week.

So here’s my challenge to you this fall.

Escape the ordinary.

Do something different on the weekend.

Explore a new destination.

Leave your mark on the map.

I promise that if you do, those good vibes will surround you long into your week ✌🏻

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Photo Credit: Yours Truly. Taken in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick.

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