the C list


Good Morning!

If you’re like me (and the general population) that have been walking around all week, clueless as to what day of the week it is, I have excellent news for you.


Yes, the 4-day work week following a long weekend is bittersweet. It’s only 4 days, but it’s also only 4 days. You get my drift. I know you do, amidst all of the work you have to get done today before 5pm.

So since we all have jobs to get to today, here is this week’s C list for you to enjoy over your morning coffee, bagel, or mimosa. I don’t judge.

1. Angry Cat Gets Rescued (via the Meta Picture) Giggles for days. Sometimes when you’re a cat, you’re just going to stay angry.

2. 27 Tumblr Posts That’ll Make Perfect Sense To HGTV Addicts (via Buzzfeed) We’re really obsessed with all things Love it or List it, Property Brothers, House Hunters, etc. in this home, so naturally this had me reading out every other number to D and us both nodding, agreeing, and laughing.

3. What’s It Like To Work At Ad Agency Hilariously Explained With Stock Photos (via Bored Panda) If you’ve ever worked in an agency before, this one is for you.

4. Watch The Glorious Moment This Elderly Couple Bust A Groove In The Middle Of A Restaurant (via Huffington Post) I love that this happened so close to home and has gone so viral. May we all be this couple.

5. To-Do Lists Are Not the Answer to Getting Things Done (via Medium) I couldn’t help but stop and read this article this week. Have you tried this *life changing* hack? And if so, did it work for you? I’d love to hear.

6.These Vets Made Tiny Custom Snowshoes For A Bird With Deformed Feet (via Buzzfeed) My heart exploded. Yours will too.

7. Migaloo’s back: Rare white whale spotted by tourists (via Mashable) Most gorgeous 25 seconds of your day.

Have an amazing weekend.

Stay salty ✌🏻

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