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Good Morning and Happy Friday!

Whether you’re headed to the beach, the lake, the city, or wherever the wind (or waves) take you this weekend – there is nothing more awesome than those weekend vibes. While our agenda is chill, I’m really excited to unwind after a busy week AND work on the next East Coast Summer Series post from Maine.

Now, to kick off the weekend, here is this week’s C list!

1. #MermaidThighs is the best response to the thigh gap we’ve ever seen (via Cosmo) Beauties. It’s all about the #mermaidthighs.

2. Netflix Has Just Announced a New Series Based on Anne of Green Gables (via Brit + Co) As a huge Anne of Green Gables fan, I’m SO pumped about this. I hope Prince Edward Island is ready for the tourists!

3. 17 Photos Only People Deeply Obsessed With Avocado Will Understand (via Buzzfeed) I work hard because guac is always extra.

4. These Pics Of Cats Lounging On Glass Tables Are Mesmerizing (via Refinery29) You’re welcome.

5. These 7 Yogurt Cocktails Basically Make Your Drink a Health Food (via Brit + Co) A mimosa smoothie? Yes please.

6. Lucky seal jumps on a boat to avoid hungry pod of orca whales (via Mashable) Mamacita shared this with me and it absolutely made my whole week. It’ll be the best thing you watch today.

7. I Drank 8 Glasses Of Water Each Day & This Is What Happened (via Refinery29) “BRB, gotta pee.” is pretty much the story of my water drinking life.

Have an awesome weekend.

Stay salty ✌🏻


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